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    First timer with small orchard seeking advice on cider

    Hi @clyne , be prepared for what may initially be quite a harsh tasting cider after fermentation. It will improve massively with conditioning ,in my case its months as opposed to weeks though its well worth waiting for.Did you take a SG reading?
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    The Love Brewing Trick or Treat Giveaway!

    Hi, Red rebellion for me, I'm excited,!!
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    Frozen Blackberry wine

    I'll give it a go that way next time @Cwrw666 athumb..
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    Frozen Blackberry wine

    Hi, I tried a couple of glasses of this wine last night and it's turned out really good.I think the 300ml concentrated grape juice really adds to the blackberry and makes a great tasting light bodied wine.
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    First timer with small orchard seeking advice on cider

    Hi, The first time I made cider I used a food processor to pulp the apples.Let us know how it turns out.athumb..
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    First timer with small orchard seeking advice on cider

    Hi @An Ankoù I used a shredder last year, I bought a second hand Bosch one in very good condition,as Shirley Bassett does I stripped it down cleaned it all,and starsanned, it made light work of the apples and the cider was great. Cleaned it all up again after use, I didn't put anything on the...
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    What kit beer are you drinking tonight?

    Hi all, just sampling an Admirals reserve from a couple of years ago..better now than when I made and I was very happy then..cheers all:beer1:
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    I'm going Sober for October - Anyone Else?

    All the best but I won't be joining in,me and the missus enjoy a few drinks over the weekends, I'll have one for you @Stevieboy
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    Frozen Blackberry wine

    Update on this, finally decided to bottle this wine, it's been resting and clearing for 6 or7 months now.Lovely colour and clear for first 5 bottles, final bottle did suck some sediment up but not too bad.Taste was good, definitely very drinkable,I may decant it before serving and see if that...
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    First timer with small orchard seeking advice on cider

    Hi Rick, try a demijohn natural, just press the apples and stick the airlock in the DJ. You might get excellent results with the natural yeasts on the apples.
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    2021 Apple Harvest Cider Thread

    Wonder if apple juice will increase in price?
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    2021 Apple Harvest Cider Thread

    Hardly any apples on my garden tree or the other trees I collect from. I'm making turbo cider this year.Hope yours turns out ok @MattH1973 .
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    Cleaning and sterilising swing top bottles

    Hi, my cleaning is very basic but so far no problems..rinse bottle thoroughly straight after I've emptied it,general wash under running tap, spray with star San all around the swing top,star San in bottle, shake, tip out, leave swing top stopper just resting on bottle opening.When I need to use...
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    Racking into demijohns

    Hi ,bramblepear, what have you made? Some people put sanitised marbles in the demijohn to take up some of the volume,
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    Not as many Apples on my tree

    Seems like quite a few trees have suffered this year, in fact it's looking like turbo cider only for me this time round.:(...although actually in its self that's not so bad.. athumb..