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    Which all in one brewing system

    I hate hop spiders. When I had a Brew Monk I had one of these from Angel Home Brew. It worked brilliantly and kept the pump clear. If it fits your kettle it is a great accessory. It actually worked better than the bottom filter on my new expensive GF G40...
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    Ghent. Anybody been?

    This is my caravan and Saab 900 Turbo on my first visit to Ghent thirty years ago: can anyone identify the make and model of caravan?
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    TCP on one of two identical batches

    Perhaps it came from chlorine in the tap water left in the hose overnight?
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    Grainfather Electric Grain mill

    The GF is a great bit of kit (I have one and love it) but for very large batches such as you are contemplating, I think you would find it a pain standing feeding the hopper for ages. A larger (motorised) mill with a big hopper would suit you better.
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    Which all in one brewing system

    From the picture it looks very similar to the Brew Monk, Brew Devil and other machines.
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    Ghent. Anybody been?

    If you are interested in art the Van Eyck altarpiece in St Baavo's Cathedral is a must see.
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    Rodcx500 brewday

    Many thanks!
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    Rodcx500 brewday

    I could not find that recipe - can you give me a link, please?
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    What do you stand your Kettle /Brewzilla / Grainfather /Brewtools etc on?

    I have my G40 on a home made deep trolley, which is high enough to enable me to get a standard size bucket under the drain tap. I use heavy duty casters from B&Q - two are lockable but I never use that feature - the G40 is heavy enough to be quite stable without. The overall height of the...
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    Brew2Bottle Customer Service

    Not to mention my faulty part, reported to B2B at the end on March. I am still waiting for a reply.
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    Thermometer probe belt device...

    Before I got thermowells, I used to use a length of pipe insulation (the stuff like silver mylar with a bubble wrap core - about 40mm wide). A couple of bits of self adhesive velco fixed it neatly and it held the probe snugly against the fermenter.
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    TSP/90 Alternative

    Adding sodium metasilicate to sodium percarbonate makes a good PBW clone. In hard water areas it is advisable to add a chelating agent. If you search for "home made PBW" there is a lot of information available. Tri-sodium phosphate is a de-greasing cleaner and is not part of the PBW clone...
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    G40 Boil Power Control

    I bought this one...
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    G40 Boil Power Control

    GF have just introduced Firmware 1.8 for the G40, which gives the option to vary power during the boil. I used it today and it really is a great feature: I boiled at 85% power, which gave a nice rolling boil without the excessive activity of a full power boil. A small saving in electricity and a...
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    New CML yeasts announced!

    I use gelatine finings but never cold crash. It works well for me (and has done for over 50 years). I have recently been using CML California Common as an alternative to my usual Nottingham, and I have found it very good.