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    Other hobbies

    Yup wax!, I can still feel the pain in my arm....
  2. Deathstar

    Other hobbies

    Just to show my age, I remember going to watch Dundee Rockets.
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    Other hobbies

    That will be me tomorrow, early is better especially in the summer as any wax or sealants you apply, do not like being applied in direct sunlight. I was up semi early to go and was and wax our caravan yesterday 👍
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    Other hobbies

    I’ve not played for 30 years, a bit like you mainly for fun back in the day. Never actually played for the Flyers. I more or less lived in the ice rink, I was on the ice staff so whenever I wanted we could all kit up and dick about. Except when hue curlers we on the ice. However skating on ice...
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    Other hobbies

    Mountain biking, and detailing cars. Generally get out on my bike twice a week, but with the Covid restrictions in my area that has been curtailed for the moment ( I donot ride on my own for safety). Car was washed as detailed on Friday last, then Sunday, and it willbe washed again on Sunday...
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    Deathstar's Brew Day

    Cider fermentation has gone off like an absolute rocket, but by eck it stinks. Opened the garage door this morning, and it was as if some sort of animal had farted! Yeasty smell with a hint of sulphur. The instructions said it will be done in 6 day, but I’ll leave it until next weekend before...
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    Greg Hughes recipes

    I am planning to do the Wheat beer in a couple of weeks, then I’ll be doing he English Barley wine ready for Christmas. Those will be my first recipes from the book.
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    Deathstar's Brew Day

    Well not really a brew day, but a 30min kit mix evening. Fancied a cider, and knowing I will not be able to put on a brew this weekend. I decided to have a go at the Mangrove Jacks Cider pouch, it’s just the big standard apple as I am not a fan of the flavoured ciders. To be honest, initial...
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    Bench Capper

    Mine is similar to that, you will find the whole process is easy with a bench capper.
  10. Deathstar

    Dust Cover for equipment

    Ideally you need something that can breathe, otherwise you could end up with mould.
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    Homebrew Supplies - Yeast, Hops and Grain!

    Placed my first order with Ben last night, looking forward to brewing next weekend :)
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    Sad Times

    They were open today, but had to queue for around an hour to get in as it was 2 at a time. They will only be open on Saturday’s until around September time as they clear out all their stock. We came out £250 quid lighter, and I bought more yeast than I know what to do with. Will be sad to see...
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    What's on your to brew list?

    Next on the list for me is as follows. 1. Weissbier 2. Cider 3. Barley wine ready for Christmas. Really looking forward to the Weissbier and the Barley wine, but avoiding drinking it until the winter will be difficult. However I feel it will need a long time to mature as it’s going to come out...
  14. Deathstar

    Mash Out

    Though the mash out sample seems clearer, but that could be angles.