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    Tap shanks

    Hi, hopefully not a silly question, but currently building a coffin top keezer and plan to use the 100mm shanks with John guest fittings behind my faucets. I’m assuming 100mm is the total length of the whole thing? What is the maximum coffin wall thickness you can comfortably pass these shanks...
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    James Morton - Brew

    I’ve done a few from the book, was underwhelmed by the first couple I did, namely the Oatmeal Pale and Disproportionately Hopped, but that was likely more my fault than the recipes....currently drinking the Store Cupboard American Brown which is lovely and by far my favourite so far from the...
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    Brewdog book bargain

    Just in case anyone is interested, I just picked up the Brewdog craft beer for the people book in Sainsbury’s for £1. Bargain!
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    James Morton - Brew

    Hi, I know this is revisiting a post from a couple of years ago but was just wondering how the Store Cupboard Brown turned out for you? I find with his recipes, when entered into Brewfather the IBU’s come out way way higher that stated in the book!
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    Brewing elements series

    Yeast, Malt, Hops, Water...So, which order do I read these bad boys in?
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    Oatmeal Stout

    Going to have a first go at an oatmeal stout now the days are drawing in. I keg my beers (I’m used to brewing ipa and pale ales) and just wanted to check the sort of carbonation levels I should be aiming at for this beer? I’m guessing a bit less than I’m used to...And would it be a case of just...
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    Disproportionately Hopped - James Morton

    I’ve heard good things about this beer on the forum so thought I’d try it. It’s only the second recipe I’ve tried from James Mortons ‘Brew’ but I’ve noticed with both of them the IBU calculations are a world apart from what Brewfather calculates when you add the recipe. The hopstand additions...
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    Spent Grains & Hops

    I normally give mine to our local nature reserve and they put it out for the resident birds and beasts to feast on.
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    Voss Kveik off flavours?

    I did my first kveik brew a few days ago using Sigmund Voss. It went off like a rocket as expected and held at around 35°. I took a sample yesterday and am a bit worried by the flavour... very estery but funky almost sour. Not sure I like it! Is this normal? Will it clear up? Or do I have an...
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    NEIPA Help

    For comparison, I brewed this recently and it turned out really good!
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    New recipe help

    Well as an update to this thread, I brewed this a few weeks ago....I think this is the best beer I’ve ever brewed. It’s delicious! I really couldn’t be happier right now.😁
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    Palmer - How to brew- latest version

    I have the Greg Hughes book as well although again not the latest version! It is a good book!
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    New recipe help

    I totally get what you guys are saying. I’d rather put less in this time and up it next time if I think I need to. I’ve had a play around...Does this look more realistic?
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    New recipe help

    Hi, Yes, I upped the efficiency a little bit because my last couple of brews I’ve been way over on my gravity readings so thought I’d change it to see what difference it made. I am just playing about with my hop additions as there was an awful lot of hops in the original recipe! I will re-post...