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    Brewing with natural fruit flavourings

    Feel free to experiment with fruits, however I would suggest you lightly boil the fruit puree for a few minutes before adding it. I have had a few successes, although I have also lost a batch of beer due to a so-called "ready-pasteurised" pouch of puree introducing an infection.
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    Peterborough brewers

    I've been brewing on and off for about 30 years. Setup is pretty basic with 2 buckets for doing kits.
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    Peterborough brewers

    I'm in Market Deeping, so not too far from Pboro. I haven't heard about any local brewing clubs, but then I'm married so socialising is a thing of the past :-)
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    Peterborough brewers

    I've just followed a link from their website to their TwitFace page and it does appear that they have closed :-( Considering there are no updates on either page from the management, I would not consider it safe to place an order with them. I did enjoy my chats with Richard but then I'm as...
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    Peterborough brewers

    I'm not sure about their physical shop as I haven't visited them since lockdown, but their website appears to be working.
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    Recommendations for low ABV hoppy/IPA kit? - Hophead style

    You could always try the MJ range but without adding the extra pouch of LME.
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    CWTCH - bottles only two days in the warm?

    Never trust the timings in the instructions, they're nearly always over ambitious. A good guide is 2 weeks fermenting, 2 weeks carbonating & 2 weeks conditioning. Almost invariably, my plastic bottles firm-up in 3 or 4 days in the warm, and then go on to get super firm at 2 weeks. My last...
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    Mj juicy ipa

    50g of hops are unlikely to give you a big hop hit. 150-200g will get closer to the popular hoppy bottled beers. The juicy IPA still holds its own though, due mainly to its fruit juice content.
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    Beerworks Redneck Double IPA is on

    I have one of these kits waiting, (plus one of their Nirvana) so I will be following your experiences closely. I love their Presidents Sierra and Golden Rocket, so I have high hopes. These kits have a generous 20g of yeast, so they take-off very well. I have a 30 litre FV and I usually start...
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    Adding passion fruit puree?

    Although tins and pasteurised sachets should be sterile, I would suggest heating the contents at a gentle rolling boil for a few minutes before adding them to your beer. Last year I added a pasteurised bag of cherry pulp to a beer which introduced an infection within a day or two. Sadly the lot...
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    Hop plants/rhizomes - growing report

    Challenger & styrian goldings, are you planning on brewing some "Whitstable Bay"?
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    Hop plants/rhizomes - growing report

    A week of beautiful weather has really helped my hops, both are approximately 1.5 metres tall now. I chopped back my Cascade to 3 stems, and felt like a baby murderer. My Centennial is too tangled to chop, so I shall leave it alone to do its own thing. New leaves appear identical but the older...
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    PET bottle squeeze

    All of the above reasons are valid, as exposure to oxygen can introduce an undesireable taste of damp cardboard. The tactile firming of a PET bottle gives a certain reassurance that carbonation is actually happening. Flicking a tight bottle and hearing it ring like a bell is a good feeling (or...
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    Hop plants/rhizomes - growing report

    Sorry, I missed that question. I can't be too specific regarding the colour of the leaves as Im red/green colour blind. Initially the Cascade had lighter leaves and started a little earlier. The Centennial definately had darker leaves for a few weeks, however they are now growing and looking...
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    My new favourite hop.

    I experimented with some ekuanot in a lemon & ginger ale, it seemed like a good idea at the time but sadly the flavours didn't work together. Im not sure if the off flavour was down to the hops or the simply ginger beer that I had pimped. Based upon other peoples reactions to my brews, I can...