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  • Good afternoon divrack, do you still have your set up for sale ? If so could you get some photos over , I’m down in Dorset but from the sounds of it , It could be worth looking at that price point. Why are you selling ? Cheers
    Hi I think I saw the original post am I right in that they are all pellets? If so I will take half a kilo of Citra @ £10 posted and half a kilo of Cascade @ £10 posted
    Thanks Pete
    I thought i had put it on the reply but obviously not
    16 Glen Court
    reply to say you have received it please
    thanks Pete
    Hi Put me down for 500g of simcoe at £18 posted
    how do you want paying Paypal?
    PayPal is fine or bank to David King sort 831929 00167380
    I think I'm brokendowndog@hotmail.com
    on paypal
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