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    Hand Pull Beer Engine

    That's a relief .... WRT to your OP, I have attached my pump to a King Keg floating pickup with no problems. The gas is fed via a low pressure LPG reg through a one way valve and a modified S30 (I am looking at ways of fitting a standard gas post).
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    Hand Pull Beer Engine

    Re ‘sparklers’ - I wouldnt use one. In a pub, I ask them to take it off. However, you may find a recipe designed for their use - see Greg Hughes Yorkshire Bitter, for example. I’m not sure what effect it has on flavour, but I want beer in my glass, not foam! esp. at today’s prices ...
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    Tilt Battery Weight.

    Just found this on Tilt site: “- After you change your battery, the Tilt will flash purple, indicating it's ready for a device level (not in app) tare. Simply place the Tilt in still room temperature water for several minutes. You should see a flash on the Tilt and the app indicating the device...
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    Tilt Battery Weight.

    Interesting point, haven’t had to change mine yet. A quick google search suggests all CR123A batteries are listed with approximate weights, 16-17g. It maybe that no two batteries are the same so perhaps we need to recalibrate after changing, regardless of brand? Streamlight looked expensive...
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    Hand Pull Beer Engine

    I wasn't intending to stir things up! I don't think I have strong feelings either way - and I absolutely follow what you put in your 'treatise' - I think it is probably easier for most people to sort out some sort of low pressure CO2 feed from a cylinder than capture it in a balloon and...
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    Hand Pull Beer Engine

    Apart from the new worry about sourcing and filling the foil balloon ... can't quite see how that patent attachment works (you may have posted it elsewhere)? I like the idea, I guess it is closer to the 'real ideal'.
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    Hand Pull Beer Engine

    That's a lot of plumbing!!
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    Hand Pull Beer Engine

    Hi - I think I have more or less achieve something like the above. I have a nice hand pump and have sourced a full size CO2 cylinder instead of the Sodastream. I got one of the low pressure regulators as recommended by @peebee (thank you!) - a bit of trouble sourcing push fit adaptors for it...
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    Heating Tube

    As you say, heat pads are fine for fermentation vessels, especially if you can keep the environment temperature down. But I suspect the issue here is a temperature controlled cabinet for conditioning - for example, mine would be typically 12C - no problem in summer, as the fridge element keeps...
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    Heating Tube

    FWIW I have just been on the exact same hunt. There seems to be a bit of a shortage - I drew a blank at all the normal outlets like Screwfix and Toolstation, even Argos. You could get ones that were too long for a fridge, but not the 1 ft size. In the end I tracked one down at Lightsave Ltd - UK...
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    Starting a brewery in an old pub

    As a beer drinker, I love pubs that concentrate on their beer. Many are very happy for punters to bring food or even get local takeaways to deliver if needed. A brew pub is my idea of heaven! Points made about access to public transport and historical reputation are definitely worth taking into...
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    Please test my Simple Water Calculator

    Hi - I have only recently got my tap water analysed. Up to now I have used rule of thumb additions of Gypsum and Epsom salt. Results are very drinkable, but there's always room for improvement, so I am looking at more refined additions in my next brew. I've found a number of calculators, some of...
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    Has Anyone Noticed that the beer in a keg seems to evaporate?

    Wine bottles are definitely getting smaller too ...
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    Beer engine with corny setup questions

    This looks like the sort of set up I would like - but where do you get 10L bags? I've not been able to source a decent bag / polypin even 5L. Advice gratefully received .. :)
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    Sodium percarbonate..

    Helpful, thanks.