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Extract in 1998, all-grain 2005. Pride myself on being super-minimalist and small-batch. Usually make 1.7-2 gal now, mash in a bag, boil on electric stove using multiple small kettles for bigger batches, mash 45 min, batch sparge, chill in kettle in cold water bath in tub sink (no chiller), no aeration, ferment in glass carboys in basement or in my garage with t-shirt and fan if needed to keep cool. Don't usually buy water, use tap water with Campden. Secondary optional to reduce bottle sediment. My process proves you can keep everything super quick, simple, minimal effort, AND still make award-winning beer (lost count after a couple dozen medals). Note: Also a cider nerd. Keep it simple, zero additives, Cote des Blancs is the best cider yeast. Unlike any other Yanks, have tasted more than 100 commercial ciders. Untapp'd ID dmtaylo1 Also have insights on many/most brewing yeasts.



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