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    Sir Keir Starmer breached MPs' code of conduct eight times

    Very cocky, bent and sniffs arses?wink...
  2. Druncan

    Petrol and diesel prices reach new record high

    Try Tiree, Our new community petrol/diesel station still has Diesel £2.08,,,:mad:
  3. Druncan

    Weighing it up

    I have a 500g x .01g but it can be calibrated easily and I have an OIML M1 class test weight like this; Calibration Weight 500g M1 Precision Chrome Steel for Digital Balance Scales 41814198361 | eBay Makes sure it's accurate athumb..
  4. Druncan

    Petrol and diesel prices reach new record high

    Today £2.08 Diesel ,,,,,,,asad1 good job our big drive is 16m round trip.
  5. Druncan

    Cost of the boil.

    Aye, Amazon prime delivery costs going up to get the free delivery that saves us hundreds/year. So we will just bite the bullet as it's still the most cost effective way to get many products to us. Good job I charge £5.00 per pint! :roll: Solar thermal sitting at 62*C - nearly mashing temp...
  6. Druncan

    Tap and line cleaning

    For all my taps and triclamp fittings and carbstones I use PAA in a ultrasonic bath VEVOR VEVOR Ultrasonic Cleaner Machine 3L Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Digital Heater Timer Jewelry Cleaning for Commercial Personal Home Use (3L) | VEVOR UK that one heats as well when I use the...
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    Hose pipe ban

    Looks like i'm going to be re-servicing our well again,,,, Bring back PEK chopped pork! It made me what I am today,, :vomitintoilet: Never knew ham. Giving our old dog his meds involves hiding it in wafer ham. None in shop so tried chopped pork, the picky fekr won't even eat it, or the...
  8. Druncan

    Cost of the boil.

    This is brilliantly informative! However, (as ever,,,,) I have approached this from a completely different (nutty) direction.:tinhat: Prior to Covid I was planning to incorporate energy saving measures in my brewery development. We have an energy savings trust grant/loan for this. It's now...
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    Ooni Pizza ovens

    Is it used cat litter? What flavour does that impart?:vomitintoilet:
  10. Druncan

    Controlling Induction Hobs.

    Hi @RichardMW If the IB switches off the IH has no power to energise the cooling fans. I was worried this may cause it to overheat. So once up to temp and beeping. I unplug from the IB and plug into the wall socket IH fans now operating and I can dial down the rolling boil. - The IB has however...
  11. Druncan

    Ooni Pizza ovens

    I had a pellet but gifted to my bro' and he loves it. It was a bit of a pain getting pellets up here. Now got ooni Karu than I run on chopped driftwood. Perfect for me. Love doing fresh mackerel an prawns in it. Once done pizzaring we put a tray of tatties in and seal it up. Perfect jackets...
  12. Druncan

    Favourite Kit

    Festival Beer Kits athumb.. acheers.
  13. Druncan

    Controlling Induction Hobs.

    Aye, the main problem is the Inkbird can only cope with 2kw and the IH has a cooling fan that cools the unit down. I hot swap the plugs once I get to temp just to protect the IH. Been working like this for a few years. The other alternative is to wire a permanent cooling fan? athumb..
  14. Druncan

    Covid -19 has risen "significantly".

    Cave ne descendas!!
  15. Druncan

    In the brewery I'll now be mainly listening to;

    We've two grandsons in Norfolk and a granddaughter in Perth Aus. @Moe - enjoy those days they pass so quickly, but the do leave fantastic memories. Curiously, during Covid video calls were the best family therapy! It's great when your kids find new bands for you though🥰😁 Tea break over, Back...