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What you looking at my profile page for? Got your goat, did I, Tommy? Probably irked ya, did I? Hate me, do ya? Which means I probably hate ya, too. So why not let's sit here looking into each other's eye waiting for the other to die, or for the other to look like they're sleepy enough that you could get a blade between their ribs easy before they had a chance to fight back. Or we could have a game of Jenga - I'm game enough but make your mind up because I got to pick up the kids from swimming soon enough.

If I'm teasing you I probably like you and I'm tugging on your metaphorical pigtails. Bet you didn't even know you had them. They're priddy.

I'll be banned eventually, and I'll deserve it. If in doubt do it. It's for our mutual benefit and I really won't take it personally.


Pressure Barrels : Reliably ruining beer since 1972.