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    Belt drive push bikes

    Interesting Post! I suggest that you read the following ... My only proviso is that I well remember bouncing my knackers off the cross-bar when I managed to hit the gap between gears on a Sturmey Archer 3-speed hub! I was one of...
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    Vegetarians and Vegans

    Thanks for asking. 👍 Sorry but I broke my left thigh in April 2020 and wasn’t allowed to put weight on the repair until May this year! (Old age methinks!)😡 A result is that I haven’t brewed anything since March last year, ran out of CO2 to keep brews under pressure about September 2020 and...
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    I agree and may I also add that generally, “cheapest is best” when it comes to woks! My own is a £6 Tesco steel wok with a wooden handle. It heats up in seconds and even pre-cooked rice doesn’t stick to it! This is why NO ONE in the house is allowed to even touch it! I had a cast-iron Le...
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    Vegetarians and Vegans

    Ah, I get it! I was doing an HSE Inspection of a Drillship in India and went into the room that had a meat block used for chopping up meat and fish. I switched on the lights and watched the meat block shimmer as the 1,000 plus cockroaches that were covering it headed for somewhere less...
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    All pans are "non-stick" if you treat them properly. My favourite pan/saucepan etc is made from stainless steel or cast-iron, tempered with beef suet and only washed out with water. DO NOT USE A DETERGENT. Yes, stuff will stick to it when you begin BUT if you persevere (and drop the heat a...
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    How to make a blow off tube.

    I agree, but if you put a bit more water in then you can check that the brew has actually finished fermenting. All you do is wait for the bubbles to stop, then lift the tube up ½ an inch from the bottom and if more bubbles appear then the brew is still fermenting. (This always assumes that...
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    Forum T-Shirt.

    Just to encourage others, these “T” Shirts are the best I have ever owned! They are excellent quality with excellent HBF printing. I’m wearing one as I type and they are my “go to” clothes for anything that doesn’t need a tie! Why am I not ordering more? The ten I already own (in white, red...
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    Easy Keg 5L

    Start by reading up on Beer Brewing - there's loads on t'Internet and here's just one of them ... Then you may start with a Beginners Kit like the one below ...
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    What have you been smoking on bbq?

    Sorry, but I NEVER us briquettes when I'm smoking! I reckon that there must be something that binds the charcoal together and I'd rather not have whatever that is as part of my smoke! I use ordinary charcoal instead.
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    Temperature controller

    It looks identical to the Inkbird STC 1000. Inkbird is a Sponser of this site and I have a few of their products for Brewing, BBQ and Smoking. They are all very reliable once they have been set up correctly. My thoughts, obviously, are "Buy an Inkbird." and my recommendation is this one for a...
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    That's good to know! I have a 7kg Butane, a 6kg Propane and a 13kg Propane bottles - all Calor Gas and luckily all more or less "full". However, that didn't stop me from reading the attached explanation from Calor Gas ... ... OR wonder how the caravan...
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    Bread Porn

    Today was the day I tried out the new 4lb loaf tin for sourdough bread - with mixed results! I stuck to the original recipe and methodology more or less. (I had to add 100g of self-raising flour to make up the 800g of flour. Not the end of the world but annoyed at running out of plain flour!)...
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    Bread Porn

    Agreed, but the 4,650cc is the volume of the tin itself. I'm hoping (praying would be a better description 🙏) to have a loaf bigger than the loaf tin, as per my usual "Allinsons DriedYeast" type of bread where I use 2lb loaf tin and 500g of flour. I will stop the proving when the top of the...
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    Bread Porn

    I got fed up of: Watching sourdough loaves "spread out" and produce almost a flatbread. Rising so far that I daren't leave them overnight (and no way was I going to set the alarm for 5am to check or bake bread). Burning my fingers lifting "flat" slices of sourdough bread out of the toaster! So...
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    Do you remember.

    Maybe you've lead a sheltered life. I think you would find that the men concerned may also have been living twenty to a two bedroomed house, sharing the sleeping accommodation and even "hot bunking" their beds (one out - one in) as well. It wasn't uncommon back in the 60's for migrants to live...