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    Trump v Biden.

    Neither Biden nor Harris were electable on their own. Matching them up though guaranteed a larger percentage of black (even though Harris isn't truly black) and women voters for the pair. I think there is getting to be a lot of buyer's remorse over this past election. Biden has only one oar in...
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    Best way to modify recipe for lower ABV

    Make a test gallon. Once done try diluting it and see what you think.
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    lots of residue when bottling

    Get an old fashion racking came and use it to bottle. The inlet on them is certainly higher than the valve you have now. You can even get a piece of copper tubing and make your own. Also, let your beer sit at least two weeks. Three weeks will not hurt it even. I DO NOT recommend an "Easy...
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    So I bought this Graham Wheeler book everybody bangs on about...

    I like S-04. I like the flavor in most beers. It does settle well and sticks to the bottle really well. Only thing I've tried that's stickier is Coopers ale yeast.
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    Wort chilling experiment

    I've got an immersion chiller connected to a fountain pump. Pump goes in a bucket which I run tap water into to pre-chill. When down to about 50C I dump ice in the bucket and recirculate this until pitching temp is reached. I get 100C to 50C in around 30 minutes.
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    How to rescue a mead

    Time. What it needs is time. Bottle it and forget about it for a couple years. Time fixes most issues with mead.
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    Get an auto siphon they said. It'll be easy they said.

    After ten minutes of frustration and seriously oxidizing four bottles of beer I trashed mine. Got out my twenty-plus year old, home-made, copper racking cane and was bottling in about fifteen seconds. Got all kinds of recommendations on how to make it work. Figured if it took THAT much work it...
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    Ferment temperature went crazy… ruined?

    You never know if it's bad unti, its had time to condition. Don't be too quick to expect it to be a dumper.
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    Sodium Percarbonate as a no rinse steriliser?

    Product here in the states that I use called "One-Step". It's basically sodium percarbonate. I use it to clean AND sanitize and have never had a problem. Stuff cleans real well. Eats through some tough stuff. Sodium percarbonate breaks down into water, oxygen, and base minerals making it one...
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    Awful American units!

    It takes a special kind of brain to deal with American units. This might explain a lot about us Yanks! We'll end up metric, eventually. Back in the late 70's early 80's when we had the big push to go metric there was a problem in manufacturing. We still had LOTS of machine tools made for...
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    Dextrine malt for head retention

    White wheat malt does it for me. I like the flavor it adds too. I do twelve liter batches. Everything gets at least a half kilo. Does not help your clarity. I get more chill haze when using it. I don't care though.
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    Can EV Battery Swapping Take Off In The U.S.?

    One of the big issues with electric / hybrid cars is the cost of replacing the battery. Battery in a Chevrolet Volt can cost upwards of USD$16,000. If battery swapping means you keep a fresh battery and saved you the cost of replacing it, this could work.
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    Too much sodium metabisulphite

    I bet it's fine flavor wise. I agree with the post above, something about the yeast or other ingredients. I've heard of people dropping a piece of copper in their wine to reduce sulfur smells. Google is your friend.
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    Low alcohol cerveza kit?

    Think I would make it to at least 4% abv then dilute it with boiled water at bottling. Add your priming sugar to this water. Less than 4% abv is just too much risk of infection.
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    Windows 11 is Coming.

    I remember doing some minor scripting stuff on a Digital VAX computer running VMS. Cool thing about VMS at the time was every time you saved a file it gave it a new version number. It kept all the previous versions until you deleted them.