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    Propane burner & fittings recommendation for the UK

    Hey guys! Sorry to drag this one out of the deep, but this thread started answering some questions I have had as I need to move to brewing in my garage, and am looking at Propane for doing this. I know very little about gas/propane in general, and am wondering if from reading between the...
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    Labelling your bottles (with your own labels)

    Thanks for the feedback guys! To answer a couple of Q's: This was printed on Laser, I am still waiting on inks for my ink jet. I would presume the ink may run unless your using some of the higher end Epsons with the waxy ink, most certainly if it is cheap ink/paper, you might run into this...
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    Labelling your bottles (with your own labels)

    Hey guys! I have already learned so much from this forum, and I wanted to do a bit to give back wherever possible! I am a big fan of being creative, and long before I got interested in brewing beer, I have mucked about in different visual mediums, most relevant to this exercise is a few years...
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    Dead Pony Club

    I just had a pint on Friday as my local Brewdog bar was out of Punk on tap, and only had cans. I must say it is one of the most desireable things to happen in my mouth! I too couldn't comprehend the low ABV, as it tasted right up there with the 6-7% IPAs that the OP was talking about. It is one...
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    Is hop availability seasonal?

    Hey guys! I have recently fallen in love with really hoppy IPAs, and have just had availability in two FVs for something new. I would like to look at Extract brewing, but if I were, I'd be aiming for a really hoppy IPA. I have found a few recipes for similar tastes, and I am finding that a lot...
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    A bunch of labels I've designed.

    Thanks Scott! It is a barcode containing the exact date and time that the label was made, along with the brew number. Haha!
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    A bunch of labels I've designed.

    Haha, I don't know how but I missed the Rowan Atkinson thing. Nicely done! I have just put together a label for my first brew... the description is more just to make it look a bit more like a genuine label, so don't read into it too much, but I can't wait to get it on the bottles. That being...
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    Priming Quanitity - Brewing Sugar

    The link above will do, and there is also this one if you want one locally: http://thehomebrewforum.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=8536
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    Priming Quanitity - Brewing Sugar

    Wicked, thanks for the feedback guys! I am in love with brewing, and I am really looking forward to tasting it, though I now have two FVs that are empty, and an itch to go Extract or Partial... I really don't need to fire £50-£60 at a huge pot at the moment though... but it would mean I have...
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    Priming Quanitity - Brewing Sugar

    Hey guys! I bottled last night, and I am wondering if someone can give me a non-scientific but reasonable to follow way of estimating the amount of priming sugar/solution to use? I ended up going with 70g of brewing sugar for about 18L of beer, though I ended up finding a Nomograph which said...
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    The next step from Kit brewing

    Excellent! Thanks for the vote of confidence! Looking forward to a wee taste.
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    Advice on dry-hopping?

    Check this post from the how-to forum: viewtopic.php?f=30&t=7279 I just transferred my first brew to my secondary FV, and put 30g of Cascade to just under 19L of beer. It all depends on how hoppy you like a beer I guess! I boiled a muslin bag for about ten minutes, put my hops into it, tied a...
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    The next step from Kit brewing

    Thank you guys so much for your feedback! I have just gotten my kit in a secondary FV with a Cascade dry hop, and I need to do some thinking about where to go from here, but thank you very much for all the sruff to think about!
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    A slight panic... VWP usage

    Just a quick update to say that after a week in Primary, my beer is tasting fine! No signs of VWP or chlorine. YAY! Thanks for offering up opinions! It helped put my nerves at ease! :)
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    A bunch of labels I've designed.

    Haha... brilliant find!