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    Cwtch kit question

    If all was bubbling nicely and it stopped when you added the hops. I would think the most probable reason is the lid is not properly sealed and co2 is finding an easier way out than through the airlock.
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    Brew fridge wanted

    With regards to drilling into fridge and not damaging any cooling pipes. I went through the plastic wall between the fridge inside and the compressor box. I used an old soldering iron just in case there was anything there I could damage but all went well. It also gets a cable into the bottom of...
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    Birds in my garden

    Saw 2 swifts yesterday. First of the year. Not been out of the garden for 8 weeks so everything I see is from home.
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    Birds in my garden

    With being locked down I have been studying the birds visiting the garden rather than just counting them. Common birds like dunnocks and male house sparrows. Anybody else noticed that they are stunning looking.
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    Birds in my garden

    House Sparrows Blue t**s Great Tit Coal Tit Dunnock Robin Wood pigeon Collared Dove
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    Joke of the day.

    I made the same mistake.
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    Joke of the day.

    Last week I ordered 200 bottles of Tipex. It was a big mistake.
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    Gas reg help

    My gauge shows about 600 psi but I have found this to be unimportant. With a full gas bottle I put a piece of tape on the cover over the needle. As soon as the needle shows beside the tape I know I need to change the bottle in a couple of days. 600 psi to 599 psi takes up to 1 year but 599 to 0...
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    Homebrew Club in Wigan

    I would be interested in this too. Any links Aamcle?
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    Derogatory term

    The original poster was not offended. I have never been offended by anything I have been called even if offence was intended. I can’t believe this thread has gone to 3 pages.
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    Our local Asda has Grolsch at 4 for £6 today.
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    Giveaway Inkbird IBS-TH1 Plus temperature&humidity logger + July discount activities!

    Please put me on the list of people available to test this. As well as monitoring and recording temps in the brew fridge and keggerator I can see a use for it in the greenhouse with the chillies and monitoring the motorhome when not in use.
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