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    When to cold crash?

    Furry Shark, would you mind sharing your PJ recipe? I, too, love the stuff!!
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    What’s this cheeky chappy called?

    +Beat me to it- Oven Bottom Cake in Lancs/Yours borders
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    first AG Brew

    Ramble on....!!!
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    Ingredients Included Crisp Maris Otter (10000 grams) Chinook Pellets (100 grams) Cascade Pellets (100 grams) Apollo Pellets (100 grams) Willamette Pellets (100 grams) Centennial Pellets (100 grams) NBS West Coast Style Ale Yeast (2 packs) As of Malt Miller's site today....
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    What are you drinking tonight 2020.

    +1 for that. Not good bottled, but can be stupendous when we'll kept in cask
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    Buying on Ali Express

    Still no sign of my BlowTies, 3 months expire on 22 August... Got my hop spiders tho...
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    Where to get a corny keg setup

    +1 for BKT, great range, price and service from Jonny. I got my 9kg bottle of Co2 from my local pub- I AM a good customer- and it costs me £11 for a refill... Spend a few bob on a manifold, some pressure gauges and gas line, and you're away!!
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    RIP Peter Green

    I concur with all the above. A sublime blues genius, with beautiful feel. Saw him later in his life, and wasn't all there, but, by God could he still make his guitar (and half the audience) cry... Bye bye Peter Blue....
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    ****Fermentasaurus Mega Giveaway****

    Count me in, Fermentasaurus, please- I've already got a 'zilla, so could do a rational and impartial comparison.. Very generous give away, thanks!!
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    Dry hopping in a corny keg

    Now, I DO like that idea!! Diptube inside hop filter next time, for me!!
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    Fermentasaurus, Fermzilla or Fast Ferment. Which to buy?

    On a lighter note, the missus has found another reason for a Fermzilla vote...!!! Holds her hanging baskets perfect!!!
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    I'm going pro - Maverick Brewing Company

    Good luck with your new venture, I'm sure it'll be a huge success. Signed up and awaiting the crowdfunding campaign...
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    Coobra CB5 45L all-in-one brewer

    Great review, didn't see it earlier... Good explanation and pictures- you still happy with it?
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    Grainfather Quality Control

    +1 for the Brewzilla from BKT- Fantastic bit of kit, and top Comms/service from Jonny at BKT-. As others have said, I don't trust/use the timer, just do manual timing, easy with stopwatch app on phone...
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    Buying on Ali Express

    I ordered blowtie valves and floating diptubes from AliExpress end of May, haven't heard anything since "your items shipped" a few days later. Still, not in a rush, and they WERE cheap!! Will update when/IF ...!!! I receive them.