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    Fermentasaurus Gen 3 issue

    Watching with interest as I was considering upgrading my gen. 1 to the gen. 3 via the upgrade kit. It’s an interesting design but I have not seen that much real world feedback on it. I have an All Rounder on the way in the meantime, as I hadn’t seen any reviews on the gen. 3 that I would trust...
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    Lactic Acid

    I think there may also be some confusion because there are two paths being discussed to attempt to achieve the same end. The British method is to reduce alkalinity to the right level for the grist and then it follows it will hit the right pH, whereas the method now commonly used by a lot of US...
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    Marmite Beer

    Don’t do it! I had a RIS once that had been aged for a couple of years in the bottle and it had autolysis, it was NOT a pleasant beer. If you want to test how it tasted dose a RIS with a heaped dessert spoon of marmite.
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    Shop bought beer in a Swing top bottle

    There is a deposit on crates in Germany but it does not cover the cost of them for a lot (if not all) breweries. As there is essentially no chance of the crates being returned it’s not a great thing to ask, some of the more famous German breweries are taking quite a financial hit from people...
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    Name a Beer that makes you go WOW!!

    They do make very nice beers, although my favourite is the oak smoked Bock from their local rivals, that they do in the less up to Xmas. Picked up some last week for some friends:
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    Petition against the Small Brewers Relief reduction

    I have had at least two pro brewers previously tell me that they were at or approaching the current limit and it didn't make financial sense to increase output beyond it, the marginal taxation rate suddenly goes through the roof so you suddenly have to have massive growth to just stand still...
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    Unscrewing a Tilt Hydrometer

    Heavy duty marigolds and patience, they seem to give the best grip.
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    ****Fermentasaurus Mega Giveaway****

    Snub nose please - I will give you a no holds barred review ;)
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    Fermentasaurus, Fermzilla or Fast Ferment. Which to buy?

    I’m just waiting on my free voucher for the G3 upgrade to get rid of the design flaw in the G1/G2 in case I close the butterfly valve whilst fermenting. 😗
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    Fermentasaurus, Fermzilla or Fast Ferment. Which to buy?

    Foxy AKA Wide Eyed and Legless on the Aussie brewing forums 💡
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    Dust Cover for equipment

    Got a picture of it on?
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    Shop bought beer in a Swing top bottle

    The duty will have been paid by the firm, that is why they are so expensive ;) By expensive, I mean for Germany, I would expect to pay about 50% of what you paid without delivery if buying when out here. Beer is insanely cheap here, although a lot of it is due to massive vertical integration and...
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    Strange-steve's Homebrew Reviews

    50g in secondary 😉
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    When you keg or bottle ensure fermentation is complete, crash cool and just draw off only the clear beer from your fermenter and do not be tempted to try and get every last drop, this will help you have just a dusting of yeast on the bottom of the bottle conditioned bottles.