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    I've had a complaint!

    Hard to tell what could be wrong remotely, heavy hopped could well be astringency, some don't mind a bit of astringency, myself included as long as it isn't over the top. I entered a Citra IPA into a comp a couple of years ago, a week or two later I cracked a bottle and there was some...
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    Adding carbonation drop to flat beer

    Just give it more time then. Yeast will work at low temperatures but more slowly, if you fermented at 18-19 C just leave it at that.
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    Adding carbonation drop to flat beer

    Temperature dependant on the day of bottling, (the lower the temperature the less sugar needed) I would say you are on track, not even a week since you have bottled them.
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    Adding carbonation drop to flat beer

    Better than ruining the bottles you have. Open the top and you will let oxygen in. tipping the bottle upside down will dissolve the oxygen into the beer. Just try adding the drops and recapping without shaking them about. How cold have you been storing them? How long since bottling?
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    Adding carbonation drop to flat beer

    One is better conditioning the beer at fermentation temperature, if you have under primed your beer, you are getting the hiss and not so many bubbles then just get your self a syringe from the chemist, pour a beer put a blast of air from the syringe into the beer, start with a small blast as you...
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    Airlock required?

    I never used an airlock on my old fermenters just some cling wrap.
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    The New Zealand Recipe Books- Gladfield & Wild About Hops

    The Gladiator is a dextrin malt, so I would sub for a carapils.
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    Biggest influence on beer quality

    'Assume nothing question everything'. The thermal energy produced by yeast will raise the temperature of the wort higher than the ambient environment it is in, not lower. If the temperature probe is stuck onto the side of the fermenter and insulated you can guess the temperature at the core of...
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    Reusing yeast from a Fermentasaurus

    The bottles are compatible, the yeast you can keep in the fridge for a couple of weeks. Or you can freeze it.
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    Biggest influence on beer quality

    It all comes down to really understanding each part of the brewing process, not just knowing what to do, but why you are doing it.
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    What did you brew today?

    T.T. Landlord. Can't believe I haven't made this before. Brewed with an Aussie twist, base malt is Voyager Veloria Schooner. Should have been 1,042 hit 1,044 will dilute after ferment has finished.
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    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    Got a few mild's to get through as my stock is building up fast and the mild is the oldest. Was slightly over carbed but the dextrin malt has done what it is supposed to do.
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    Heat belts and pads

    For those of you who b ferment out in the garage or shed in the UK winters a Heat Therm complete with thermocouple is the answer, used in conjunction with a thermal jacket/ fridge will keep your brew at an ideal fermentation temperature. 12 volt 60 watt, so cheap to run.
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    Bottling Guns

    Keg King Bottle filler.
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    What else do I need to buy for a fermenter king gen3 starter kit?

    The Apollo and Snub Nose now come with the large opening.