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    Other hobbies

    So, has anyone done the Wolf Run?
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    Pressure barrels

    I think Keg Land may have bought the name King Keg, then again they may not. Consider A Beer King Keg System
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    Keg King's Round Table

    Yes the Snubnose with the cone helps for yeast collection and more importantly getting the last dregs out of the fermenter. The other two options the Junior and the Chubby Junior are a good choice if wanting to serve direct from the fermenter. They all come as standard with the pressure kit, the...
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    Pressure barrels

    I agree I am not familiar with the pressure barrels sold in the UK, I do have insulated barrels but they have a 'D' coupler as well as a tap. I think for those who do have trouble and there does seem to be a lot to get the Junior for dispensing. I am sure that an insulated jacked could be...
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    Ade's Brauheld Pro Brewdays

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    Ade's Brauheld Pro Brewdays

    Why run a pump during boil? The scorching of the sugars occurs during mash, not boil.
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    Other hobbies

    Yes if you know who John Wayne is. Wasn't his real name Vivian or something?
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    How important is the yeast?

    Yeast is like any other ingredient, its liked or not liked, I love CN-36 for a nice dry finish, but SO4 can bring something in something else, yeasts bring out different characters to the beer, never ever write any off.
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    Other hobbies

    Good init, not a good place to be when the fires are raging.
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    Other hobbies

    I have been out into the Blue Mountains a couple of times, easy to get lost. so pays to take precautions.
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    Summer Lightning recipe clone

    I understand that you are probably not interested in the guidelines for this beer and don't go into comps. The only reason it matters is in a comp it will get picked up as being too dark, my recipe has no crystal, just the base malt. If you are brewing for your own enjoyment do as you will, that...
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    Vintage Beers

    I have just made a historical bitter (Terry Wheeler recipe) I added a fair bit of Munich to it cant get anything like the old style malts over here. I also favour the more bitter taste the one I made was 70 IBU and around 5.5% ABV. You will have to find somewhere to keep your beer under 20 C...
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    Joke of the day.

    Robbie Williams, Elton John and Kylie Minogue went out on the town, returning to their hotel Kylie stumbles and gets her head caught in some railings, quick as a flash Robbie ups her skirt and downs her knickers, gives her a good rogering and turns to Elton John and asks if he would like a turn...
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    What are you drinking tonight 2020 (part two)

    Cold day today so a warming Irish stout in appropriate glass ware. Drying the cut spuds and finally, finally, we have Sun Gold tomatoes in Australia. Thank you Mr Fothergill, and of course Arthur.
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    Do We All Pack Our Brew Space to the Extreme?

    Not sunny at the moment, was a freezing 7 C this morning and an expected top of 13 C no weather for brass monkeys.