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  • Hi Godfather, I am South Skye, place called Kilbride near Torrin, down the Elgol road. Moved here last year from Yorkshire, though we have had our house here since 2008. Requires some clever internetting to avoid ridiculous postage costs ! There is a good home brew shop in Inverness, can't remember the name but it's opposite Morrisons. Has most stuff and not out of the way cost wise when you consider postage. Still doing kit beers as they are so good compared to my eighties brews... May progress to the AG eventually, in which case I wouldn't mind 'looking over your shoulder' on one of your brew days ! Not been to Arisaig for a while now, used to snorkel and scuba dive off the 'white sands' back in the eighties, fabulous ! Cheers, Ian (Redron)
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