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    Anyone Play WORDLE?

    “Pious, Roate Brake + Rinse, Loath and Bumpy were mentioned above.” I like pious, (3 vowels). If no matches, the next try can have an EA word. I normally start with OUTER.
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    What is worth watching on TV?

    I’ll swear is 50/50 program to adverts(or that bl**dy annoying music and blank screen)
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    Equipment For Sale Free demijohns for collection in Milton Keynes

    Available in Stony Stratford - 3 dark, 2 clear.
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    Does “Fringe” start on Pick tv tonight 10pm?

    EPG freeview, Sandy Heath say no EPG freesat say no Radio Times say no. DailyMail say yes. Sat and tv weekly magazine say yes. WeLoveTV magazine say yes. Does anyone’s EPG show it? I’ve got a recording set up for that time, but curious. GOP
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    Bread Porn

    Hi, Dutto. I’m looking forward to your results. Can I just say, I use a 3lb tin, whose volume is about 2850cc. Your tin volume is about 4650cc, 1.6 times greater. I use 375g flour and 250g 1:1 leavin , 500g flour total. You’re using 800g flour plus 330 levain, about 965g flour, which is 1.9...
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    The 'Recommend me a TV series' thread

    Hi. For some reason Amazon have just offered me Prime FREE for six months, which I gratefully accepted. Any recommendations please for Amazon Movies or tv shows?
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    Bread Porn

    I’ve started wrapping foil around my loaftin after spraying the top of the dough with water to imitate a Dutch oven. Good results so far. GOP
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    LoveBrewing's Pick Your Kit Giveaway in honor of St. Patrick's Day

    Russian Imperial Stout ....... MMMMM, count me in. 🙄
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    Bake your first sourdough 🤤

    I’m surprised you say 15 min baking. The OP says 50-55 min, Paul Hollywood says 45-50 min.
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    Bake your first sourdough 🤤

    WOW! What does it look like cut open?
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    Bake your first sourdough 🤤

    Can’t see any cooking instructions. I don’t have a banneton. I have Paul Hollywood : Bread which says “Heat your oven to 220°C. Put a roasting tin on the bottom shelf as the oven heats up. Heavily dust a non-stick baking tray, or one lined with parchment or silicone paper, with the flour and...
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    Bake your first sourdough 🤤

    Which recipe are you going to use for the loaf?
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    Show us you internet speed.

    d/l 48.8 busting to 51.4 u/l 8.6 bursting to 9.2 Provider BT, in Milton Keynes, measured on an iPad via WiFi.
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    R.I.P Thread.

    Searching for a wine recipe for some newly acquired fruit, one of my go to sites was Jack Keller, great formulations, don’t think I’ve ever had a bad one. Sadly, just found out that he died in September. RIP