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    Best yeast for Hoppy US style Pale Ale?

    CML Kentucky. I have only used it for a hoppy EPA so far but it really let the hops shine.
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    Have THBC stopping delivering to UK?

    THBS were good to be fair. Both times my extract cans were bashed up. First time I was happy with the discount they gave me as they were getting used fairly quickly anywsy. But my second order I'd never seen anything like it and just got my money back.
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    Have THBC stopping delivering to UK?

    I never use them because of DPD. I placed 2 orders and on both occasions they seemed to have drop kicked them across the Irish Sea.
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    Cheers to all from Istanbul

    Hoş geldiniz enişte
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    The Coronavirus thread.

    This is the South Korea figures...it seems if you're under 50 you're all but in the clear https://twitter.com/HelenBranswell/status/1237956764370427904/photo/1
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    Whatever you do, no matter how desperate you are, you mustn't wipe your **** on a wet Badger Face
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    Well you won't have heard the latest then... Apparently it's spread by the sheep and they become 10x more infectious when it rains.
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    Best BBC/UK shows on Netflix

    End of the f*cking world
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    How long before bottling?

    I had a batch in FV just at cellar temp for nearly 9 weeks last winter, was a great beer.
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    Town centres.

    I'll walk the mile or so into Maidstone to dine at one of it's many fine Wetherspoons if the weather is ok, but there's no free parking so if the weather grim I'll drive 30 mins to the next town instead out of principal.
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    Electing a beer friendly candidate...

    He often associated with an IPA
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    New CML yeasts

    I haven't used any of their new yeasts but I would guess their 'Midland' yeast would be Nottingham rebranded.
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    Are you an ex-pat Brit, or an Aussie who got a taste for bitter during your compulsory year pulling pints in London?