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    Diesel prices reach record of over £1.80 a litre

    Just worked it out, would actually be slightly cheaper to make my weekend trip on the train, though only because I'm travelling alone. Not going to though 😆
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    Diesel prices reach record of over £1.80 a litre

    Also glad to be working from home at the moment though luckily only through an exemption due to a health issue. If it weren't for that I should be going in 3 days a week (40 mile round trip each time). Saving a fortune. If I were back in the office I also run an old banger that's a 1.3L...
  3. Graz

    Muntons Flagship Hazy IPA Think mine came from China so took a few weeks to arrive. The Amazon marketplace link above may well also be China based.
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    Improving kits

    For me as someone who exclusively brews kits... Biggest improvement is to not buy cheap kits, I only do all malt kits perhaps with the exception of Mangrove Jacks but I always buy the pouch of light malt extract to go with. Look at Young's American, Bulldog, Brupaks, Festival, Mangrove Jacks...
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    The government wants to cut up to 91,000 civil service jobs to save money,

    Begs the question though what are those 91,000 workers doing if the government thinks we can afford to be without them. I suspect though that it's all jobs that can be subbed out to some private firm so not really cutting the jobs at all just shifting them elsewhere.
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    Cold Crash ?

    I only cold crash when using a dry hop. It just makes siphoning it out of the fermenter into the keg so much easier as everything drops to the bottom and becomes fairly compacted. Added bonus with it is that if your kegerator has a spare space in it like mine did yesterday then the beer is...
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    What country makes the best beer?

    Thing with the US, years back the beer out there was terrible pretty much only Bud/Miller/Coors most places. They began to realise the was a whole world of beers outside of their own bland rubbish and took styles like the English IPA, made it their own, and then it came back to us in its new...
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    Red grape juice Lidl

    Managed to get hold of some of this last time I was in Lidl. Now need to get a WOW on. It's long life so in the ambient temperature section with the orange and apple juice, not chilled.
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    Brew2Bottle Customer Service

    I've only needed to contact them the once. My order was showing that the couriers had decided to return it to them for some reason or another. I emailed, waited a few days but no reply so ended up ringing. The guy I spoke to had it sorted in minutes and I got my order the next day. So it...
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    Gozdawa beer kits from Poland

    I made the Black IPA, it was drinkable but wouldn't bother again.
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    Liam Gallagher would rather use a wheelchair and live with pain than have an operation.

    Rock n Roll 😂 Pretty much been said above, always thought he was a [email protected], this proves it.
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    Dark Rock Session Series West Coast Pale Ale review

    Thanks for the review, sounds great! Just this bit that would have me a bit nervous, having had a few Woodforde's kits stick in the past due to stingy yeast sachets I'd probably swap it for a 11-12g sachet of yeast such as Safale S-04 or US-05.
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    How many litres of home brew have you made 2022.

    Been a bit slack so far this year but stocks are getting alarmingly low so. 23L Woodforde's Nog 20L Munton's Flasgship West Coast IPA Total: 4453 Litres
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    BBQ thoughts....

    I don't have a pizza add-on at the moment but one of these is tempting and not only do you get a pizza oven but a rotisserie as well! onlyfire Stainless Steel Pizza Ring Kit with Rotisserie,pizza stone&shovel,Multifunctional BBQ Kit,for Roasting Chicken&Cooking Pizza,fits Most 57CM Charcoal...