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    Equivalent to Bewdley Brewery Station Porter

    Was also going to suggest this. It's a great kit in its own right but whether it will match your "caramel leanings" is difficult to say. I'd make one, see if you like it and then think as to how it could be tweaked next time e.g. add some caramel syrup / flavouring or something.
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    How many litres of home brew have you made 2021.

    Think I missed one + another put on last night... 23L Mangrove Jack's Nelson Sauvin IPA 23L Woodforde's Tinsel Toes Total: 20,596L
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    Beer and Curry

    I haven't but I'd guess using it for something spicy to slow cook would work well. For a curry cooked more rapidly I'm guessing it could be a bit watery though I guess how much you put in and how you thicken the sauce would dictate that. My lot go mad for a beef and stout stew cooked all day...
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    Would you like to be 18 again?

    Totally, well actually what I'd like to be 18 now with all the prior knowledge. With the Internet and everything else it has brought with it I'd expect my life to take a very different and perhaps more rewarding path than it has now. I suppose even being 18 when I was 18 (1990) with all the...
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    Engineer or Ingeniator?

    I fix scale model electric cars when my son breaks them. Can't be that much different to the big ones 😁 This is another annoying thing, when I tell someone I'm and Electrical / Electronic Engineer you get the whole "oh well I know who to come to when my TV / radio / computer / etc. stops...
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    Engineer or Ingeniator?

    Maybe... I have a Engineering degree and an Engineering career spanning some 27 years but I've never bothered to go down the Chartered route as it doesn't seem to make much if any difference on a CV. There might be 1 or 2 companies that really place some value on it but most don't. That said...
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    The Love Brewing Trick or Treat Giveaway!

    Red Rebellion IPA please. Thanks for the competition!
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    Facebook / WhatsApp / Instagram Down Might have to do some work 😮 Forgot to pay the electricity bill?
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    We had pigs in blankets with our roast yesterday. Our kids go mad for them. Maybe need to get a few packs of chipolatas and streaky bacon for the freezer just in case - panic! 😁
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    I'm going Sober for October - Anyone Else?

    Christ, sober October might not have been a bad idea after all, it all went a bit wrong on Friday evening after sampling a can of this (amongst many other beers): Cherry Bomb - Twisted Wheel Brew Co. - Untappd What really didn't help either was having done a 10k run earlier, not having much to...
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    Flat carbonated beer?

    Do you know I'm experiencing something similar. I made a Festival German Weiss that I started to carbonate but then my cylinder ran out. It had a day of burst carbing at 40 psi and then maybe a day or two at serving pressure (about 25 psi for this style) before it conked out. I wasn't able to...
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    I'm going Sober for October - Anyone Else?

    Off out with some friends this evening for beer and curry. Been a very long time since I've done this and it's been a while trying to get it arranged. That said I'd like to cut back a bit over the next month to prepare for the months ahead but I've also booked off half term to do stuff with...
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    Muntons Flagship Hazy IPA

    Good isn't it! Had the first few pints from my corny and I'm very impressed. Have the Amber Ale on order to try next.
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    Gozdawa beer kits from Poland

    Hmm, doesn't bode well, hope the kit I bought is better. Nothing ventured and all that 😉
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    New range of kits from Muntons arriving in the spring

    This is on draught for me now and it's great. Up there with some of the best kits I've made. Have the Amber Ale on order so that will be brewed soon.