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    Sodium percarbonate..

    MM charging over the odds... no surprise there.
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    Saison recipe

    I agree but others do such things and if they enjoy it i might find it odd but it’s up to them.
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    Saison recipe

    I use Saaz, but seriously, lots of people use US hops in European beers. You can buy commercial Belgian beers with them in so don’t let me put you off, each to their own and all that.
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    Saison recipe

    A farmer friend said my Saison reminded him of silage. He meant it as a compliment and I took it as such. I think it’s all about the yeast and simple pale/lager malt with a bit of wheat and sugar to dry it out. I can’t see where Citra comes into a French/Belgian beer but each to their own.
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    Diluting at bottling stage.

    I was intending to do that but I got distracted by my children enthusiastically trying to kill each other. By the time I got around to it, fermentation had started.
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    Diluting at bottling stage.

    Thanks, guys. I will boil it anyway because I am manic about sanitisation.
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    Diluting at bottling stage.

    I have recently become more efficient in my brewing, plus my new kettle seems to be set to nuke. As a result, I am brewing some very pleasant but very strong beer. All good except I am having a few earlier nights than I really want. I tried to brew a sessionish 5% bitter and it came out at about...
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    Using Spent Grain

    I wouldn't. If it smells like that I'm guessing it'll taste like it too. It does make an excellent addition to bread, especially if you also replace water with the wort from your starter (if you use it). It's even better than real beer because there is no hop flavour. Likewise with beef in beer.
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    I made the one I'm using now and it looks like someone threw copper spaghetti on the floor, so yes please.
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    Malvern Hills Brewery Black Pear

    Yes, it's definitely british hops. I'm guessing quite a bit of caramel.
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    Malvern Hills Brewery Black Pear

    I'm a big fan of this bitter and want to brew a low abv summer bitter. I can't find any hints other than the fact there is a mixture of hops. Does anyone have an idea as to the recipe.
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    Life & Death

    I asked them about their hops... Mosaic and Citra so well done Stigman. I didn't ask for the full recipe as it seems to me to be an all about the hops type of beer.
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    Brewuk....online shop

    They're a good company and in normal times, I've checked comparison orders with competitors and always used them because I found them best on price and availability. their hop prices are distinctly better than Malt Miller. Their delivery is also fine in normal times. The only thing I think they...
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    Less hoppy, more malty.

    I’m a fan of both hoppy and malty beers. The recipe for 1874 is out there and it’s probably my favourite of the malt forward beers I’ve brewed. I used yeast cultured from a bottle f 1874, not sure how important that is.
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    What are you drinking tonight.

    It’s actually genuinely a symptom of an illness I suffer from but no offence taken.