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    Hello from West Wales

    Pobwl y Cwm, all right butt, great forum, the North of Wales is stunning 😁
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    How many litres of home brew have you made 2021.

    Irish Stout 25L Timothy Taylor 25L Total 1593
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    How long have you been brewing for?

    Only a strawberry season for me but loving the fact that it's something new to learn about and while I am on a brewday all the other stresses of things going on around me don't matter, I find it a very mindful and relaxing process.
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    Central haating worries

    Do you know what type of boiler you have? Combi (no hot water cylinder) or a traditional system. Either way I can't think of a massive problem unless you had a direct cylinder which is rare these days.
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    Carbonation cap

    I've got a growler filler, which is basically the same as shoving a piece of pipe over the spout end, to fill deeper vessels without foaming it seems, but I thought the bonus of the carbonation cap was the co2 pressure is maintained as you thread the bottle into the cap and as you unscrew it...
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    Remove burr from inside copper pipe

    Stanley knife will wizz a burr from the inside of the pipe in seconds.
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    Carbonation cap

    Same as this I think https://www.amazon.co.uk/Merrday-Stainless-Carbonation-Drink-Bottles/dp/B07CZBQ2FH/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=carbonation+cap&qid=1611256298&s=kitchen&sr=1-4
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    Carbonation cap

    I bought a Carbonation cap, wrongly thinking it would screw into my intertap to aid bottling off the keg, but it has a a male coupler with a seal on it, any suggestions. I am sure I saw a video with someone bottling straight off the tap with something like this.
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    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    An Ace of Spades Porter, that while it came put under on the ABV has a lovely taste
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    Carbon Dioxide usage.

    A regulator shouldn't do that for sure, that is their porpose to show bottle contents and then on the downstream side to flow at the pressure you have set, regardless of usage it shouldn't raise line pressure until a PRV is set off. Do you know what the PRV is set to relieve at on the manifold...
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    Carbon Dioxide usage.

    I didn't want to teach you to suck eggs lol The reg on the cylinder could be leaking from the diaphragm too.
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    Carbon Dioxide usage.

    Have you tried spaying a starsan solution or soapy water solution on all the joints in the system? If you using plastic lines into push fit connectors, what did you cut them with? Any roughness or burrs on the piework can cause leaks where the O ring in the connector sits on the pipe, it's also...
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    How many litres of home brew have you made 2021.

    25l of Speckled Hen 972
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    That's what I did with the Imperial Stout, I ended up with double the losses which is part of why my efficiency was off. I agree with you that 6kg is hard work in the Brewzilla, it's easier in the Ace with a bigger diameter tun, 3 would be easier again though 😁
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    Thanks for taking the time to break that down for me and it does make more sence, as you mentioned I am using a Brewzilla too. I have read lots of articles on many aspects of brewing, but as soon as they get technical it goes over my head, I read for three years before I started my first brew...