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    Guinness Extra Stout Clone

    Good work Bri, hope it turns out well, I'm gonna have to come up with one of these myself soon. Where did the recipe come from?
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    Conditioning and temp control

    Assuming you're using pressure barrels It would be good to put the fridge at a stable cellar temp and serve from there rather than leave the pb out in the open.
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    Clone beers

    It's got a Pliny the Elder recipe, could be worth a try.
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    Haven't done nay this year my greenhouse got destroyed in a storm but last year I had it full of trinidad scorpion, bhut jolokia, naga, loads of jalapeno, serrano passilla, ancho and then in the garden Mexican green tomatoes (tomatillos). The tomatillos and jalepeno and serrano make traditional...
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    CONUNDRUM - dry hopping

    Dry hopping the barrel is a traditional technique there's no reason at all not to do it, follow the advice to use a hop sock or muslin bag to stop the tap getting clogged but otherwise go for it.
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    Drill chuck for Brewferm 2 roller mill

    The chuck is this part http://amzn.to/2tTh27u and you should be able to tighten the end over the end of the piece of metal that connects to the handle.
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    Cooling wort down - current setup and options

    Since being forced to have a water meter I can't justify the wasted water with chillers and have used a no chill cube really in essence just an hdpe 25 litre jerrycan like the one on this page https://www.homebrewadventure.co.uk/products and just pour the hot wort into that and put it somewhere...
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    DIY kegerator pt. 1

    Good luck with the build seem's there's a few blokes doing this at the moment. Looking forward to following your progress.
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    Inkbird ITC-308

    I don't use the inkbird, they weren't around when I built my brew fridge, I use the STC1000 but I'd say definitely it's worthwhile investing in one, temp control is essential. The STC and Inkbird come at different price points both pretty cheap but if you're handy with a bit of wiring then...
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    Pimp my kegerator

    Love what you've built Mozza, it looks awesome, you should be well pleased. Ever thought about making a couple of selling them?
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    Fridge on the way....

    As the other guys have mentioned the Inkbird is popular and there is the less expensive STC1000 route if you enjoy a little wiring and the tube heaters seem to be popular, I use a little hairdryer instead, but each to their own. The parts are here https://www.homebrewadventure.co.uk/products
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    No Chill method

    Strange it works on mine and on my iPad and tested on another pc. https://www.homebrewadventure.co.uk/products
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    No Chill method

    Would this do you? I've been using one for years and this is a pretty good price. https://www.homebrewadventure.co.uk/products
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    No Chill method

    I remember reading over on Biabrewer about some guy leaving them for 6 months +, longest I've left them is a few weeks though.
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    NE IPA too ambitious for first go at AG?

    If it were me then I'd recommend going for a nice hoppy SMASH recipe. Lets you get the hoppiness you want (depending on what you use) but takes out some areas where you could have problems. A nice Amarillo smash would be along the lines of 5kg Maris Otter so around 1055 OG, bitter to 45 IBU's...