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    The Next Dr Who [POLL]

    My brother in law works in film and he says Olly Alexander has been chosen as the next Dr Who…
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    Anywhere there have fresh curry leaves?
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    What have you been smoking on bbq?

    Nice BGE! Where do you get the ribs from? I'm looking for a cheaper option than my local butcher
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    What have you been smoking on bbq?

    I can recommend this thermometer - if you get the 4 probe model you are essentially getting some spare probes at a good price. They eventually fail.
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    What have you been smoking on bbq?

    This I use Coke or DrPepper instead of root beer: and both are all about the sauce. Without exception everyone goes mad for...
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    Gelatin in FV?

    Make sure the water is hot 50-65c and not boiling when you add the gelatin and not boiling - or you will make jelly. Gelatin will speed up the process of clearing the beer at any temperature - cooling the beer will also speed it up further. The longer you leave it before bottling the clearer it...
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    Gelatin in FV?

    Just add 1/2 teaspoon gelatin powder to 250ml boiled water cooled to 65c, then pour (without splashing) in the FV and then crash for 2-3 days. The beer will be clearer than if it was just left alone for 2-3 weeks. I wouldn't be concerned about oxygenation.
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    What BBQ?

    You can't beat a Kamado style BBQ/grill/smoker. They are obviously ridiculously expensive - but worth every penny. get one of these and they have a lifetime guarantee - I've had cracked firebowls after years of use and they were replaced...
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    Joke of the day.

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    Plaato keg

    There are plenty of "homebrew" IoT examples on the web (for example IoT Home Beer Keg Scale) So if you are handy with a soldering iron you can roll your own for a tenth of the price. I've already had some load cells delivered from China - now it's just finding the time to put one together.
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    Co-Pitching two dried yeasts

    I first heard about the combination of the "same" base malts on a Brewing Network podcast - I think it was one of the Brew Strong ones with Jamil. I did try it out on a couple of brews when I was using up some bits & bobs and it seemed to work out. Nowadays I order exactly what I need for each...
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    Kveik - worth the hype? Best beer style? Best fermenting temp?

    Title says it all. Like many things in my life the kveik hype has slightly passed me by. However, I want to try it out soon - what are the best styles for this yeast? and what's the best temperature for fermentation - does it need to be controlled or just pitch at a certain temperature and let...
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    Anyone mad enough to grow their own hops?

    I grow Cascade and Fuggles in half barrels next to the shed. I did make a beer with the Fuggles two seasons back, but the alpha acid content must have been lower than average and the beer came out much too sweet. As others have mentioned it's better to grow in (big) pots do they don't spread...
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    Co-Pitching two dried yeasts

    I think it's actually a bit more complex than that - Nottingham would be higher than S-04 alone, but both together I'd expect to be higher than Nottingham alone. I think you'd have to choose a fermentation temperature wisely if you wanted estery flavours from S-04 because you'd need a higher...