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    Motorhome Brewer

    Welcome Back neighbour. We are just on the outskirts of Sherborne. We also have a motorhome but there wouldn't have enough room for me to do my H/B in it. asad.. But if I lived in it full time I am sure I would make room. Good luck.
  2. Gwen

    Love Brewing Giveaway! - Spiritworks Artisan Flavourings

    Rhubarb and Ginger Sicilian Lemon Blood Orange Peaches and Cream Pink Gin Thanks for the chance to enter acheers.
  3. Gwen

    Ali Express delivery costs Yikes!

    Came really quickly, in about 2 weeks if my memory serves me well. So was very impressed
  4. Gwen

    How many litres of home brew have you made 2021.

    just a mere 5 ltrs of Welche's red wine Total 26345
  5. Gwen

    How many litres have you brewed individually

    ashock1 Just over a 1000 litres this year of beer, cider and wine made. Shocked with how much I have made but enjoy making them, so not going stop just yet. asad.
  6. Gwen

    What kit beer are you drinking tonight?

    Having a crafty MJ Mango Pale Ale before hubby comes back with a curry then onto the Range white wine acheers.
  7. Gwen

    Equipment For Sale Novatwist Caps - various

    Hi, do you still have these? (Not sure what f&f is) Thanks Gwen
  8. Gwen

    Kegland in line regulators Help needed

    Thanks everyone. I have been playing with the pressures since putting the third keg in. To high then too low 🙄🤨 They are really sensitive but if I listen yes I can hear the gas go in. I guess I was just turning them to tightly to start with and they really do not seem to need to much of a turn...
  9. Gwen

    How many litres of home brew have you made 2021.

    22 litres MYO Strawberry & Lime Cider 22 litres Mangrove Jacks Pink Grapefruit IPA 8 litres Quince wine Total 23680
  10. Gwen

    Christmas purchase incoming....

    Yes kegs definitely grow. I started with 1 keg. Converted a fridge to a 2 tap kegerator. Now discovered I can fit 3 into it. 😬. So now have 6 kegs. 😆Hubby says we need a bigger fridge.
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    Kegland in line regulators Help needed

    Yes I know it's all a bit tight. I am about to put a third keg in there so was trying to get a feel as how to set the regulators up before I tried to fit to the wall of the fridge. To be honest I'm not really sure there is room unless I take the last shelf out. I have loads of spare (more...
  12. Gwen

    Kegland in line regulators Help needed

    Thanks everyone, I was releasing the gas via the prv to try and reduce the pressure in the kegs but was unsure which way to turn the valve to get the lower pressure as both were showing the same reading when one was closed and the other was wound out. I will keep playing as my Mango ale was mega...
  13. Gwen

    Kegland in line regulators Help needed

    Am I being a bit dumb. I cant seem to get different pressures from my in line regulators. So I have a gas bottle with a regulator showing 20psi. This feeds into a 4 way manifold in my kegerator. I have 2 kegs and about to connect a 3rd. From the manifold both gas lines have a kegland regulator...
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    New Mango Pale Ale from Mangrove Jacks

    I have the Mango on tap at the moment and its really nice. :onechug:Enjoy
  15. Gwen

    I'm Struggling

    Hi Lisa, I am sending you 🤗's and 😘's. I understand how difficult a time you will be having right now and how brave you are to open up like this. I had a breakdown a fair old while back now. I won't bore you with the details but it did end my management career of nearly 20 years. On the...