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    Ubidots variable resolution

    I believe I had this. The decimal places setting is in the account settings. Took me a while to find that as that setting overrides everything else :).
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    Transporting a Keg

    Yeah I've even had a 10L keg strapped to the back of the bike for a two hour ride and drank that evening. I immediately forget about whatever I pack on the bike so it didn't get an easy time! :) Some seedling I rode home with earlier this year didn't fare so well :(.
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    How do you track your brews?

    Ah are you still around this area? :) Regarding the book yeah. Like a BBC presenter avoiding a telling off I'll say there are many books out there for everyone :p. But this one yes. It had the right balance of pictures, tables, easily understandable recipe pages for my beginner brain when I...
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    Fermentation chamber or kegorator

    Yeah to be explicit I'd say controlling serving temp, I.e. Kegerator or keezer would get my vote as first of the two to get. Depending on your house setup there are the above options or a duvet wrapped around it to keep it relatively stable temp wise. Is the exclusive or statement because of...
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    Condensation in garage

    I started using the garage but the steam was ridiculous and I was already worried about damp in there. I then set up an extractor which helped keep the garage OK but dripped a lot back in. Then I migrated to outside the garage with a tarp above the area. Much better although tarp was a faff...
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    How do you track your brews?

    When I started (3 years ago) I went straight to Brewersfriend, using their recipe builder (via Greg Hughes book) and the brew day tick box list thing. I go in and out of using that checklist on the day, and last brew I just used the book and found it less hectic. But I still updated my...
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    Worst mistakes & Feck ups (Merged)

    I certainly did not leave the flipping transfer tube in the fermenter after remembering oxygenating the pour into it is more sensible, and then today come to keg and realise I've got no god damn transfer tube! Flipping foaming starsan, who knows what else I left in there, probably my prize...
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    Carlsberg Marstons

    Reading the last part of this thread reminds me of the 'about us' page on the website of Crossmyloof. They explicitly state, I paraphrase, "we don't want to grow any larger because we want to focus on enjoying what we create and talking to our customers." Or something. I think the only way to...
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    iSpindel - digital WiFi hydrometer

    Yeah I just set mine off and had from that chap. Very good! Spent an evening calibrating it and now enjoying watching the gravity creep down :).
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    Fermentation Chamber - How to finish it?

    Hi there, I got carried away over the last week or so building a fermentation chamber from some insulation sheets. As you can see below it is accidentally on purpose a little bit large! Two at a time I suppose was my aim. And tall things as it's a bit over 800mm high. My challenge now is the...
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    Left the mash in the wort - problem?

    Lovely post Ade! I went for the Greg Hughes "Home Brew Beer" just as I started out on all grain and never looked back. I seem to have skipped a few lessons though and am very much enjoying Scott Janish's "The New IPA" now :). I will add, Home Brew Beer is beautifully put together with many...
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    When to add citra hops???

    Indeed! This is my constant battle. The waiting, which is then accompanied by much reading, and so I get excited to try things completely different, and fail to iterate a particular one to perfection/excellence. It's a decent problem to have I suppose!
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    Time to harvest hops

    Rob they look slightly more closed than mine, so perhaps another few days is indeed warranted. Although second pic maybe they look more ready. In my first pic, that's the sign i'm looking for. That ever so slight tint of rust that's appearing on that bottom hop. Maybe :D. This is my second year :).
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    Time to harvest hops

    Hi Rob I'm about 0.6 degrees further south than you and my Prime Donna/First Gold hops are almost ready. So I will guess there's 5-7 days lag as we move every degree or so further north :). Back up by some discussion in the growing report thread :). Can you post a photo? I may post one if I can...
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    Hop plants/rhizomes - growing report

    Yeah I wonder if sun is my issue, but the wild ones I picked were everywhere and both North and south west facing. Although I suppose many plants and unlimited root space. Mine are in a northfacing garden but gets direct sun from late morning till late afternoon. Since next door completed...