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    January Forum Comp - American Pale Ales

    Look forward to feedback. Hope your heads aren't too heavy this morning! Well done all.
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    February Forum Competition - Dark Beers

    Hey Grizzly, Got a Pomegranate Black IPA in the fermenter at the moment that we plan to bottle on the 23rd. Should just... be ready in time. Will definitely enter if that's cool. Could you send me your address please?
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    January Forum Comp - American Pale Ales

    Hey Ghillie keen to send one maybe two brews for this. Could you PM an address please?
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    Hey from Wimbledon!

    Hey all, Been reading a lot of stuff on here now for a few months so thought it would be time to finally join. Dabble in the brewing arts from a 30l kettle, a few plastic fermenting buckets, a kitchen hob and an inquisitive girlfriend since August - currently 3 beers in using BIAB method...