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    The Mixed Fermentation Thread

    I have no idea. I've added some fermentis bottling yeast and fingers crossed I'll have it ready for a local competition next month. I chucked this lot but I think I'll save the second carboy and pitch another one on it.
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    The Mixed Fermentation Thread

    Here's my Flanders Red Ale. The pellicle dropped when I pulled it out from under the stairs, where it's been since December 2018. It then floated back up again. It dropped to 1.008 from 1.052 and I'm super pleased with the taste of the trial jar. Funky and sour. I've got another 10 litres in...
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    The Mixed Fermentation Thread

    Looks good BeerCat. I've just pulled the first carboy of my Flander's red #1 from under the stairs, where it's been sitting in glass for 15 months. I'll get it bottled up later today and, depending on how it tastes, might bottle up the second carboy too.
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    Anybody used Pure Hop Aroma Oils

    I've also been disappointed with them. A couple of drops are quite nice in a G&T, but in beer they don't come anywhere close to the fresh zing of a dry hop.
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    2019 Apple Harvest Cider Thread

    I had a pellicle on a perry, and it tasted great. A bit funky, but not in a bad way.
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    The difference between?????

    I've had both, although never side by side, and they are almost identical. The original has a slightly lower abv than the M&S one so they can't be exactly the same, but the difference is could be as little as the original being liquored back slightly. Both great beers though. The original was...
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    AG question: chilling wort by pouring In cold water

    The ice thing works very well, because ice has a high latent heat. In fact, I worked out an equation to tell you exactly what temperature you need to get down before chucking in your ice in order to get your desired volume and pitching temperature exactly...
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    Bananarama question

    Unfortunately, just like pectolase, amylase does get inhibited by alcohol. By the time you get to 5% abv it's activity drops by half. I did a couple of DJs of Banana wine a couple of years ago, also with about 7lb of over-ripe bananas cheap from the supermarket. I washed, chopped (with skin)...
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    Favourite ‘convenient’ Meal

    Shin Ramyun. Nom nom nom
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    Fermented hot sauce

    I don't chuck it out when that happens. Just scoop it off before using it to make sauce. If it were black or coloured then I'd chuck it.
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    Tasteless Lager

    The lager kits are bland by design. They are marketed for those who want to recreate plain macro lager. darrellm knows hot to get the most out of them, but if it's a flavourful Marzen or Dunkel you're after, then kits aren't the way to go.
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    The Mixed Fermentation Thread

    Mine never had medicinal or solvent in it. Doesn't sound good.
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    Imposter apologies

    Oh thank god for that. I was getting towards the end of your post thinking you might ask if they were ok to drink. The cans *should* be fine. There are two ways they could explode. Either the pressure inside has increased due to spoilage, which is unlikely, or the can has corroded and can't...