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    Keg That Giveaway!

    West coast IPA please
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    Show us your pumpkins

    Mine had a blemish that looked exactly like a cat's bumhole, so I had to really.
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    False bottom grainfather I ordered this one on AliExpress, as I was buying some others bits anyway. Don't know if it's any good, but at that price I can't complain.
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    Good quality malt mill? - How much we need to spend to not get ripped off by poor quality products?

    Sounds like a manufacturing error. I've got the same one and it's been going strong for years. Contact Hambleton Bard. In my experience their customer service is pretty good.
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    Malt crush for Grainfather

    I've never had trouble with the credit card method.
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    How stupid can you get?

    Very very few, but converting people isn't the point. The point is to build camaraderie and foster an us-vs-the-world good-vs-evil narrative. To alienate from the outside world so that they become more dependent on the sect.
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    The Love Brewing Trick or Treat Giveaway!

    Lucky freedom
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    Accidentally froze my Wyeast - is it f**cked?

    Do a starter it'll be fine.
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    Been Offered a Grainfather and other gubbins....

    Bargain, and good kit, but you're looking at 5 hours per brew. If you do it your beer is going to be so much better than kit beer.
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    IainM's brew days

    It's a blend of two strains that were classified as Brett, because they formed a pellicle I think, but were reclassified as saccharomyces. The are apparently fruity and tropical. It also has a classic brettanomyces bruxellensis. The smell when I opened the liquid pack was fantastic, just what I...
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    IainM's brew days

    Today I did a brett beer. 5 kg pilsner 1.3 kg rye rice hulls Mash high for body - 68C 10g Columbus 13.2% 60 minutes 15g Celia 4.1% 60 minutes 20g Celia 4.1% 10 minutes 0.5 protofloc 10 mins OMEGA Yeast – OYL-211 – Brett Blend #2 Bit O’ Funk Pitched and temperature set to 23C (packet says...
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    Has anybody already started to have problems with CO2 supply or price hikes

    I managed to pick up a 6.35kg bottle as a new Adams gas customer in Stains yesterday. £29 plus deposit. Seems that some places are accepting new customers.
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    Pitching directly onto the last brew’s yeast trub

    Snap. A few times I've done a mild or something that doesn't stress the yeast, pitched at a high rate onto well oxygenated wort, then just dump a RIS or barleywine on the yeast cake. It's basically a massive starter. Can get a very clean 11% beast fermented in 2 days with this method.
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    IainM's brew days

    Since the last post I've brewed a Polly's Falter clone (thread), which was fantastic and I've bought the ingredients for a re-brew. I've also moved house to a place with a garage. It's so much nicer to have the space to store everything properly on shelving. Last week I put a session NEIPA on...
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    Spectrum Liquid hops

    Excellent, I look forward to hearing how the beer turns out. The thought of stirring into water first seems like a sure way to get oxygen into them.