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    carrot whiskey

    I stand corrected - I've just seen a nettle and ginger brew!
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    Lager Kits, any ideas??

    A mate of mine brewed coopers bavarian pilsner with spray malt and it was the best kit beer I'd tasted
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    carrot whiskey

    :shock: I've seen some wierd stuff fermented but this has got to be up there with the bloke who fermented tomato juice :lol: As a wine making novice what does the wheat add to the brew? is it malted wheat?
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    Testing Testing 1 2 3

    No matter how careful your plans James Bond will defuse the thing with a second left on the timer :lol:
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    Never a truer word spoken. As for other peoples expectations of your wedding - I say **** them, who's getting married you or them? I say please yourself and if anyone has a problem with that then they aren't the friend you thought they were and should be binned forthwith
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    Which way do hops grow

    What kind of "tropism" makes the hop bines curl (tropism as in geotropism or phototropism)
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    Angram Beer engines

    Flog them both and get a pair of real pumps - worthsides Angrams are difficult to get a pipe on, ugly as sin and impossible to get drip trays for, burn them both and get some mans pumps!
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    Nice one Vossy. as someone who has recently married I can say that I don't feel any different either. With this said the day was a lot of fun and Sharon and I enjoyed ourselves. Like you I do not wear a wedding ring as knowing my luck I'd tear my finger off (much the same as a childhood mate...
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    pubs beer is off

    was it dry hopped with feta?
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    satellite tv

    I have a freeview box and watch it occaisionally, the TV is on the blink and when it coughs it's last I'm not sure I'm going to replace it - I don't watch it that often
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    How to Videos, Brewery Videos, Brewing Videos

    :clap: Very nice set up there Aleman it's good to see the face behind the legend ;) I'd just say to all the new brewers out there that this is a top level set up that must have taken years to plan and build, but with practice you can turn out great ale with plastic buckets so don't be...
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    My bar, from creation to completion (loads of piccies!)

    My Mam tells me I'm special all the time!
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    My bar, from creation to completion (loads of piccies!)

    Fantastic set up there BS, I didn't read the text but the pictures looked great. Those Hi-Gene engines are the mutts nuts :thumb:
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    5 Bottles for Life

    In no particular order Konig Ludwig wheat beer Jarrow Rivet Catcher Karmeliet Tripel (sp?) Fuller London Porter Monty's Sunshine It'll probably change in ten minutes but that's what popped into my head
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    Strong English ale (comments or sugestions)

    I had a 9% US stout with coffee and cacao at the last GBBF and it was incredibly highly hopped both bitterness and late hops. I found it to be a complete revalation it was amazing, it's on my "to brew" list for sure