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    More precise hydrometer

    As my eyes aren't what they were i got one of these from the malt miller. simple with one scale and much easier to read.
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    A few little questions...

    bottles vs keg depends on personal taste, bottles are generally more carbonated than pressure barrel but overall flavour should be the same. if your brewing kits and like the darker beers then give woodfordes nog a go. although its been a long time since i brewed from a kit i remember that...
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    Is my tun too big?

    firstly to fill 2 cornies you only need to brew 38l ;) thats what i normally brew with my 50l mash tun and 50l boiler. if you wanted to brew 46l batches the mash tun would stiil be ok but you would need a 70l+ boiler :thumb:
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    First ever brew (and it was all-grain!)

    congrats on you first brew and wellcome to the dark side :twisted: an og of 1.071 means its likely to be a very strong beer :? reading through its difficult to see what you've done wrong, maybe not enough sparge liquour? but as has allready been said if your og is high then you can liqour...
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    best day ever? impromptu brewday

    it just gives a slight honey taste at the finish which i really like, but the first time made this i used 1kg of honey which made the beer much drier, using 500g still keeps the taste but doesn't overly dry the beer. thats how i got mine too :thumb: the landlord let me have 2 of the half pint...
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    best day ever? impromptu brewday

    got up on sunday to be told by swmbo "i'm going out for the day, but i expect you to get the grass cut today as the kids keep getting lost in it." and off she went. as soon as the door clicked shut, i thought brewday :thumb: so headed straight into the brewery (garage) filled and turned on the...
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    hlt temp control?

    thanks keith, i'll have a look at the pt100 probe. can they be fitted straight through the pot or would i need to fit a thermo pocket?
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    hlt temp control?

    i've been thinking about adding temp control to my hlt, its a 50l pot with a 3kw immersion heater. i've found this on ebay and just wanted to check whether its suitable before i buy. :thumb:
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    1st AG brew

    make sure you write everything down so you'll know what went right and what didn't :rofl: as for a recipe when i did my first ag i was going to do a clone but then i downloaded gw's beer engine software, threw in some ingredients and went for it :twisted: ended up with a great tasting beer (a...
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    First AG Brew Nerves

    its difficult to know exactly what your taps like but it might be possible to add some pipework so the wort will be syphoned out from the boiler leaving you with less dead space. :thumb:
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    Can you still buy a clout capper ?

    i've got an old one in the garage somewhere you are welcome to.
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    think i may have messed up brew

    you shouldn't need to add any more sugar, just try and keep the temp around the 20c mark for the next 7 days, then place in a cool place for around 4 weeks (although if it were mine i would have a sneaky taste after a couple of weeks :twisted: ) to mature.
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    think i may have messed up brew

    1020 sounds a little high but the barrel should have a presure relief valve so should be ok. i would leave it somewhere warm for a least another week and then place it somewhere cool to mature.
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    cornie keg fridge

    cornies are approx 650mm high and 220mm diameter. i have a tall larder fridge and can easily fit in two cornies side by side and also have a shelf full of bottles :thumb:
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    stuck fermentation

    at 1008 i would say its finished rather than stuck. do you check your temp when you take your hydrometer readings as 1004 sounds like a very low fg. i would check it again in another couple of days and if theres still no movement then i'd rack it to bottles or keg.