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    Culturing up yeast blends

    That's interesting, do you know why this is?
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    Culturing up yeast blends

    I was just doing some reading around this, sacc will grow a lot faster than brett, so if I make a starter it will begood for sacc but I suppose will need to wait a long time for the brett to grow. I've read when making a starter for pure Brettanomyces it needs around 10 days. If I don't grow the...
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    20 beers for £24 delivered.

    Completely agree. A while back I got a free box from them and the beers weren't great. My average homebrew was better. I tried to cancel but you have to phone up and someone tried to convince you to stay. What bullsh*t is this?
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    Culturing up yeast blends

    I'm very excited, in the Brew UK yeast lucky dip I got 3 yeast blends: American farmhouse, Belgian sour mix and Berlinner Weisse blend. However as you may know they are out of date and the cell count is low. If I culture these up on a stir plate will it throw off the balance of bugs? Thanks.
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    Co-Pitching Philly Sour and Wallonia

    The things to look out for when co-pitching yeasts is what temperature to ferment and lag phase. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but Wallonia is a single strain sacch with farmhouse qualities? If so, co pitching shouldn't be an issue. Doing a quick google shows they both require similar...
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    Would you like to be 18 again?

    I just rewatched the Inbetweeners so it's a hard no from me :laugh8:
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    How stupid can you get?

    I feel like this is rapidly becoming an episode of Bottom :laugh8:
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    How stupid can you get?

    I didn't know this, I thought it wouldn't have been necessary. In Judaism if you're born Jewish you're considered a Jew the rest of your life, no matter if you convert, renounce the religion etc. You could be born Jewish, hate the religion, convert to Catholicism, and the next rabbi you meet...
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    The Love Brewing Trick or Treat Giveaway!

    Red Rebellion please!
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    How stupid can you get?

    In cults like jehova's witnesses and other forms of christianity where they send out "missionaries" in the street or door to door, the idea isn't really to convert people but to strengthen the bond of the people who carry out the work and the rest of their tribe. I can imagine there's an...
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    Imperial Harvest L17 yeast

    I really like WLP830, I don't know how it compares to Imperial L17 though. I just found this chart, however I can't find any context around it so take with a pinch of salt Harvest is right at the bottom.
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    My journey to 'poppoing' hop aroma continues

    Do you have a typical recipe you could share? It would be good to see the type of hop dosage you're using, when they're being added and if dry hopping at what temps. Also it might be worth trying a water source which you know is reliable. Loads of people use Tesco Ashbeck water for brewing...
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    2021 Apple Harvest Cider Thread

    Ah yeah should have mentioned I sulphate all my cider. For the ones where I add yeast I've added it 24 hours later. There's quite a decent krausen on the non yeasted batch after ~1 week, I was expecting it take longer.
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    Is there an easy & good home made press?

    That looks difficult :laugh8:
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    Is there an easy & good home made press?

    My press is broken but I still have a lot of apples to juice. Is there an easy home made press which doesn't require mastery of woodwork to make? Thanks.