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    What did you brew today?

    Wow that's low 🤣 I used Belgium Ardennes think it went 1.07
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    What did you brew today?

    Brewed this one a couple of times👌
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    What did you brew today?

    Mixed things up a little today and brewed a American pale ale with a touch of sazz.. 23l Maris otter 4k Cara gold .250 Sugar .200 Centineal 25 @40 Centineal 20 @ 10 Cascade 20 @ 10 Saaz 20 @ 10 Centineal 40 @ 0 Cascade 40 @ 0 Saaz 40 @ 0 Us-05 Sure I'll do a little dry hopping also👍
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    Bread Porn

    Oh she look good 😍
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    March 2021 Comp - Freestyle!!

    Ping me your address and I'll post something. Will be nice to just post something to Cornwall being we've not been aloud down there for so long 😥
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    Jams, Marmalade, Chutneys, Pickle's & Ferments

    I grew up just down the road from there😍
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    The Mixed Fermentation Thread

    Few updates on the bug beers.. First off a mate was moving house and had some unwanted demijohns in his garden. After a good scrub I've now room for some mini projects and am planning of filling the odd one up when kegging clean beers. First the other week was was my punk clone that I've added...
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    New kit arrived so today I brew 😁

    My mate is just tucking into to there red IPA, he's really impressed.. Hopefully he'll drop a bottle off to me soon🤞
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    Bread Porn

    First time baking sourdough croissant. Look the picture 👍 but crumb wasn't quite right. I look forward to trying again..
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    Squeezing the hop bag😱

    I used a 15l bag and gave a gentle stir to try and get good contact. Fully agree though. It was no more hoppy than my normal 100g dry hops. I'm not mad on mega hoppy beers but would be nice to get the style right👍 I work in a brewery and was chatting to the head brewer about ipa's. He...
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    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    Tesco shop today so picked a classic up🙌
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    Squeezing the hop bag😱

    Yea because I used the bag as well it held a ton! Bubbles and froth everywhere 🤣😅 Do you use a Syphon or tap? Can see that being a problem..
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    Bread Porn

    I've tried a few sourdough flatbread recipes in the past and not been that happy. So decided to work it out for myself. 250g bread flour 200g water 100g starter Salt Very high hydration. Worked a treat. Putting a lid on the pan when dry frying definitely helped big time.
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    Squeezing the hop bag😱

    What's the procedure with a big dry hop schedule? Very rarely dry hop with over 100g of hops. Recently made a punk clone that had 320g of dry hops! I decided to use a small biab bag to hop. Lifting this out the fv and squeezing all the beer out was a bit of a drama. Had flash backs of all the...