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    New Limited Edition Kit Giveaway! From Love Brewing!!!

    Yes please, I’m in. Nevada please
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    ****Fermentasaurus Mega Giveaway****

    Fermentasaurus Snub Nose please. I'd love to move away from the old plastic buckets and join the world of pressure fermenting
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    I'm planning to use Lallemand Voss for an Imperial Stout which will be the first time I've used kveik. Has anyone successfully harvested the Voss dry yeast and if you have, what's the best way?
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    * November Give Away * It's Fruity!

    Count me in please
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    Forum Member Map.

    Normanton WF6
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    I'm in. The standard version please
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    Beginners Guide to Water Treatment (plus links to more advanced water treatment in post #1)

    I’m looking at treating my water to see how it benefits my brewing. I’ve asked for a water report from Yorkshire Water but they haven’t been very responsive as of yet. Does anyone know where I can get a water analysis done so I can have a full breakdown of the water? If I get a full report, I...
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    2+2+2=Not Sure

    I’ve used the fridge before for the 2 weeks in the cold and had no problems. As long as it’s cold, it does the job. I try to stick to the 2+2+2 but sometimes I’m just too eager to give that first beer a try to see how it’s turned out
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    Thick bleach for sanitizer

    Yeah, I normally use one cap full per 5L. For my brewing bucket, I just use 3 caps of Milton and 15L of water, put the lid on and splash it around so it comes into contact with all of the bucket and the lid and give it a shake every 5 minutes or so. I do have a spray bottle as well that I use...
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    Thick bleach for sanitizer

    I’ve always used the Milton steriliser. I’ve not had any sterilising issues as of yet but let’s not jynx it as I’m brewing tomorrow so I’ll be using it again to sterilise. If it’s good enough for a baby, it’s good enough for brewing. Wilko’s normally has the litre bottles for about £2.50
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    Easy Keg 5L

    When the mini kegs are empty, how does everyone store theirs? Just empty or with liquid in?
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    Glass demijohns - free

    Are any of the demijohns left or are they all gone?
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    Challenger SMaSH

    This is going in the bottle this weekend. It tasted pretty good in the trial jar. I plan to do it again in the future and see how it compares with a 5 minute hop addition and maybe some more at flameout. If I can come up with a good Challenger SMaSH, I plan to buy some plants for the allotment...
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    Challenger SMaSH

    I have finally taken the plunge and moved from kit brewing to all-grain. With it being the Bank Holiday weekend coming up, I've decided to get the first all-grain brew under my belt. I've gone simple in the hope there's less chance to balls it up. My "planned" brew: Original Gravity (OG)...