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  1. Jim Brewster

    What are you drinking tonight 2020.

    Finally got one in the right glass Not overly keen though
  2. Jim Brewster

    What are you drinking tonight 2020.

    Pretty nice!
  3. Jim Brewster


    I ordered some fresh and used about 8 the curry but couldn't detect them, even when I ate them. The pack suggested using them in cocktails so they cant be very strong. I did a chickpea, spinach and sweet potato curry this week as well, was perfect! Slightly overcooked the sweet potato but it...
  4. Jim Brewster

    What’s this cheeky chappy called?

    Barm cake Or a roll if I'm not in the northwest
  5. Jim Brewster

    What are you drinking tonight 2020.

    This isn't bad. I should learn to identify hops better, because they're there but I'm not sure exclactly which hops they are.
  6. Jim Brewster

    Favourite ‘convenient’ Meal

    A frozen pizza, 15 mins in oven Pot noodle if its urgent. Or just grill some sausages if I have any in the fridge, great with beer
  7. Jim Brewster

    Grain Kit - Help

    I would presume you have to hop at all 3 stages, one addition during the boil for bittering, one after boiling and then one dry hopping. You would mash the grains, usually an hour at 67C but there can be additional stages, sparse if required, then bring the wort to the boil, usually an hour...
  8. Jim Brewster

    What are you drinking tonight 2020.

    A nice Irish stout, one of the better ones from my Flavourly box roulette
  9. Jim Brewster

    24 beers for £24?

    Wasn't too keen on the second one, could be a bit hit and miss these but I quite like not knowing what to expect.
  10. Jim Brewster

    24 beers for £24?

    Mine arrived today, a day later than I was told but that's no bother. Tried one at random and its perfectly drinkable! quite nice actually. 10 different beers in total.
  11. Jim Brewster

    Brewery visits

    I did the Greene King brewery tour in Bury-st-Edmunds. Was pretty good, a mix of a bit of history of the city and the abbey, the brewery, and their brewing process and equipment which probably wouldn't be anything new to people on here. Also had a supposedly unlimited tasting session at the end...
  12. Jim Brewster

    Healthy drinking

    For me 4-5% is the sweet spot in terms of ABV, much less than that and it's pop. Above say 7 or 8% it feels more like having a glass of wine.
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    Seems obvious now but no I didnt chill, literally decanted the 660 into each with a sanitised funnel and swirled the last dregs to put the yeast sediment into each bottle. I suppose it could be an opportunity to remove some of the sediment but may affect the carbonation. It's not too bad, less...
  14. Jim Brewster


    I rebeottled the 660 into two 330s, the only difficulty being the head foaming, unsurprisingly. Going to open one of them later to see how it held up, if anything it seemed overcarbed so it might be ok