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  1. jMac

    Dunkle Weizen fermentation woes

    Well, maybe hang on for a little bit, if you can, as @chopps suggested. I know the 05 should have already done its bit, but you never know. How many days has it been in the fermenter for in total now? This is the interesting part. The 05 was happy enough chomping through your wort in the...
  2. jMac

    Dunkle Weizen fermentation woes

    Another couple of questions (as I ain’t got no answers 😬): 1. Have you checked your hydrometer’s working? 2. Did you try a sample? Was it as sweet as 1.023 would suggest? If there were sugars to ferment that fresh inoculation of Us-05 should have eaten right through them I’d have thought 🤷‍♂️.
  3. jMac

    Dunkle Weizen fermentation woes

    Not sure I can help, but what was your OG? And what was your mash efficiency like with that schedule?
  4. jMac

    Best drink drunk?

    My first pint of OP on a cosy afternoon spent in the company of a young lady at the Spead Eagle on Walmgate while a student in York in 1992. It’s probably the only specific drink I remember. 😌
  5. jMac

    Protafloc - for all brews?

    Yeah, well, um... I guess the carageenan’s job is to drop out the hot break proteins and it’s done its job long before the wort is in the FV. With that in mind, if the desired cloudiness is an effect of the yeast, excessive dry hopping or anything else that happens during and post ferment, it...
  6. jMac

    Chemsan neutralised by tap water?

    Eh? Does the water magically appear in self forming plastic bottles in your house? 🤷‍♂️
  7. jMac

    Protafloc - for all brews?

    I only added Irish moss to beers I want to clear. I don’t add it to my Wits, for example. From the picture on the MM website it looks like the Bells Oberon is meant to be cloudy so I wouldn’t add the protofloc or any other finings, personally. But YMMV.
  8. jMac

    Victorian Mild!

    Looking forward to seeing your recipe, @peebee 👍 But hang on - this is only page 4 😂
  9. jMac

    Do I need a fermentation fridge?

    Absolutely! I do intend on setting one up eventually too. If you’re interested, keep an eye on local free cycle/zero waste groups to see if anyone’s getting rid of old fridges.
  10. jMac

    Do I need a fermentation fridge?

    No, you don’t need one. Plenty of brewers here just brewing styles with the seasons, or just with basic heating (not cooling) control for the colder months - me included. Basically a fermentation fridge is an old fridge you’ve rigged up with a heating element inside and a temperature controller...
  11. jMac

    'Packaging' timing query

    Not a bad idea at all! Are you keeping the beers cooler after primary for 2 weeks as an extended cold crash? I often don’t cold crash at all, as I also don’t have cooling temp control, but when I do it’s only for 24-48 hours. There’s no problem packaging and even carbing your beer after the two...
  12. jMac

    Brewer's Invert Sugar

    Come on 😁, we all know by now @peebee doesn't do anything until at least page 5 of a thread. 😆
  13. jMac

    Elderflower Sainson with Cordial

    Actually, ignore that. Just noticed the figure I used for sugar content was per 100ml diluted 1:10. That means there’s actually about 50g per undiluted 100ml. A litre would be far too much to prime with! I’d go with your original plan as an experiment and then if at racking you think it lacks...
  14. jMac

    Elderflower Sainson with Cordial

    I don’t see why it wouldn’t work, but I don’t know how strong a flavour the cordial has compared to fresh elderflowers 🤷‍♂️. I have a feeling it may even be a stronger flavour. Just remember to include the extra liquid and sugars in the cordial in your calculations if you’re keen on precise...
  15. jMac

    What have I made?

    With those ingredients, it’s a pale ale.