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    Racking question

    You noticed 😁 Actually after someone commented about 30yrs ago that one of my wines tasted "watery". I have been very risk adverse to to adding water to top up my demijohns.
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    Racking question

    I would just rack it There will be enough co2 in the wine at this stage to not have to worry about oxidation
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    Harvest Gold Mead

    I know EXACTLY what you mean. A bottle of shop bought mead is the only and i mean the only shop bought alcohol i have had to pour down the sink. My homemade mead's are by contrast quite drinkable.
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    Vacu vin for degassing

    We have been here before with this sort of thing,Usually with either vacuum cleaners to industrial pumps. I will repeat what what i have said before. Modern demijohns are not pressure vessels, They can easily implode under a strong vacuum. The Idea of pulling a vacuum in a demijohn is both...
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    Why Turbo cider over a kit?

    As Chippy says it IS cheaper using supermarket juice. Rather than cider i make white wine from it, Very nice it is too. TBH i don't know how they can do it at these prices as when you think of the amount of apples needed for a liter of juice.
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    Big problem or small problem?

    you are seven sheets to the wind :beer1: A nice condition to be in.athumb..
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    Bottled juice turbo cider

    Looking at the image you posted i would say yes. watch out for anything that says xxxsorbate.
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    Cold crashing sucks

    At least you have introduced members to the delights of star-san be happy, 😁
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    Hello and general brewing advice

    WEEEL One pack yeast will be enough,It breeds like rabbits better in fact. Fermenting with pure juice should only require the minimum of added nutrient Say 1 teaspoon per 25litrs.
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    Big problem or small problem?

    Ive had a few Solomon Grundy 7 day kits,The end result has been decent, But 7 days never.!!!! What ever you do keep it under airlock. athumb..
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    Cctv cameras..

    That will do it Clint. 😁
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    WKD blue clone/ hard seltzer - not so easy?

    Ha ha on a good day i still think i am 18 athumb.. chasing the birds is what young men do. That said the amount of attention i used to get from the local lasses was embarrassing. All a long long long time ago,wink...
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    Gold Statue at Conservative Conference

    Gold is yellow. I have always considered Trump as more orange than yellow, 😁
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    Cctv cameras..

    Get a man eating Cat. problem solved.!! 😁
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    First wine made but now stuck

    I agree with Chippy those two part finings will clear just about anything. Also as Mikes 1992 has pointed out wine in the bucket will look darker than in the bottle. Since you make beer the thing that is different is beer ferments quickly whereas wine can rumble on for what seems an eternity...