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    Would you like to be 18 again?

    Yes. And take the whopping $5,000 saved for college, and just buy Microsoft at the IPO. No one has ever gotten rich by putting money in a savings account.
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    How stupid can you get?

    Counter preach to them:
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    How stupid can you get?

    Your signs are too nice……. “trespassers will be sodomized” start undoing your belt as you open the door, if they ring anyway….
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    Possible Scam Alert

    The drill instructor dialogue from the movie Full Metal Jacket is fun to shout into the phone, too. That is, if you don’t have anything from your own service time.
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    Possible Scam Alert

    Last scam call I got was claiming to be the IRS, who was going to put out a warrant for my arrest if I didn’t transfer money to them. I faked crying about a divorce, etc lost child custody and now this, and I couldn’t take any more, then I fired a black powder pistol primer into the air and had...
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    Milk. Added yeast and lactose enzymes to milk and fermented it. Resulted in an alcoholic cottage cheese floating in alcoholic whey. To be honest, Ugandan banana gin was better.
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    Are you a true Northerner

    I’m reminded of Good Omens by Pratchett & Gaiman: the character Shadwell, who referred to everyone as “a great southern pansy”, so that it would seem, through geo-location, that he, himself, was from the North Pole.
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    Are you a true Northerner

    Drink it.
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    Are you a true Northerner

    Is there a test for southerners?
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    Dirty lazy barstewards

    “Disposable”. A perfect word for society. Think of everything you bought this year so far- not food or brewing ingredients, but actual items to keep. How many of them will still be around in 5 years? In ten?
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    What are you reading ?

    Light reading
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    Which movie(s) have you watched recently?

    If you want a scary cowboy flick, you could try Bone Tomahawk with Kurt Russell.
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    An important part of the ecosystem? Yeah, that’s just fine to say until it’s your car that’s been keyed, and the tires slashed for the 4th time, and you don’t bother going outside cuz of all the used condoms, and you don’t even bother ordering stuff online anymore cuz they keep stealing the...
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    Which movie(s) have you watched recently?

    Titan a.e. Love that movie- doesn’t get credit for a pretty good storyline. Watched “Castaway” with Tom Hanks, and realized he would have been dead in less than 6 months (scurvy- no source of vitamin C on the island)