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  • I've usually got RGJ + Rasp/Cranberry, with 1RGJ and 2 R/C on the go. It usually turns out well, and the cranberry and raspberry work well together.
    I've just bottled the same with 1 dessert spoon of chilli flakes added at the start, racked down to 4L at the end and then sweetened with 500ml RGJ, lovely winter warmer.
    I often hold back on the sugar at the start by 250g and make a 250g soft dark sugar syrup which I add mid way through fermentation... it doesn;t do much for flavour, but it adds a darker tinge.

    I just tend to try RGJ and whatever 100% fruit juice takes my fancy in the shop.
    Buying yeast in the tub rather than sachet is definitely the way to go, and use a yeast nutrient to get it going nicely, and a stabliser at the end.

    Its always worth having a go at the recipe that gave the thread it's name... "Wurzels Orange Wine"... bizarrely it it a crisp WHITE wine and barely any orange colour survives the process.
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