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    Strata & Nectaron® HORT4337 - Group Buy

    Balls. Ah well, let us know what they're like
  2. Junglist69

    Strata & Nectaron® HORT4337 - Group Buy

    I'm up for 250g of each 👍
  3. Junglist69

    KegThat Hop Raffel #4 1kg of hops enter on the website!

    Late to the party but I'm in 👍
  4. Junglist69

    ****Fermentasaurus Mega Giveaway****

    Gotta be the snub nose. Literally been looking into pressure fermenting the last couple of days after my last beer got oxidised. Would love to have one.
  5. Junglist69

    Bulk hops.

    I'd be up for 500g bags of citra, Amarillo, cashmere, galaxy, anything along those lines
  6. Junglist69

    Hobgoblin 5l Mini Kegs £9.99 Lidl

    They've got these in home bargains too. Picked one up to re use for when I'm out and about at mates houses. Will do for an evenings drinking. The 2l growler always gets smashed rather quickly
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    * October Give Away * It's MASSIVE!

    Free booze to be had!!! I'm in
  8. Junglist69

    cheap job lot hops UK?

    @divrack Is there any Amarillo left?