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    Dextrin Malt ?

    3 - 4% of the grain bill
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    New to Grainfather G30

    Quiet some time ago now grainfather did a complete overhaul of the app and website, there were lots of errors all eventually solved with updates. I use the app for every brew and never have a problem. Use either the equation or the app calculator and you’ll be fine. If you create your recipe in...
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    2kg hops for £2 - Raffle see link :) ENDED

    Better late than never hopfully
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    Attenuation Vs pitch rate or other thoughts?

    I suspect its the mash temperature. I just did a little test with the grainfather recipe builder with one of my recipes I made recently. Using Wyeast 1335 attenuation 73-76%, mash temp 66℃. Expected FG 1.015. Changing just the mash temp to 63℃ drops the expected FG to 1.010. Increasing the mash...
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    Water profile.... please help 😖

    Rather than use my local Portsmouth Water, which needs a heck of a lot of adjustment, I found it is far simpler to use Tesco Ashbeck and build your salt editions from there. The bottle label describes all the substances and concentration levels a homebrewer needs to know.
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    I kegged an IPA last weekend, I used white labs opshaug kveik, no hint of orange, high hopes for first proper pour this weekend.
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    I was suprised too by Lallemands pitch rate calculator, but they do treat Voss the same as their other dry packs. I have used Voss once, I used two packs. it was too overpowering with orange / citrus flavour, I do wonder if it was the amount of yeat used.
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    Lallemand have a yeast pitch calculator on their website, for a 22 litre batch of 1.065+ wort you should use two packets, which some will say is a massive over pitch.
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    Protofloc at hop stand??

    Don’t think it will do any harm or add any odd flavor, but it won’t have done the job it’s meant to do which is to improve the hot break drop before adding to the fermenter. I wouldn’t worry about it.
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    What did you brew today?

    Made a “contains no juice” clone, using WLP518 Opshaug Kveik. Given the lack of consensus on pitching rates I made a 1.5 litre starter, it managed to blow the foil top completely off the flask, and made a lot of yeast. Hopefully it will be an improvement over dried Voss which was like drinking...
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    Fast working yeasts?

    Did you use a calculator Homebrew Dad's Online Yeast Starter Calculator it could be your 1028 needed a starter to properly get going, I’ve never used that yeast before.
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    Covid-19 the second wave.

    A fan of David Icke by the sounds of it.
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    first AG Brew

    That’s one of the things with all grain, it can take 5 hours before you even start to clean, I get up at 6am, then I’m done by 11am, weekends only.
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    Grain Kit - Help

    You’re welcome, verdant do a soft crash before they add the dry hops in this recipe, drop temperature to 15c to minimize hop creep, let them sit for 3-4 days then package. So much faffing in brewing, it’s ridiculous.
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    Grain Kit - Help

    Hi, one of the things we always say is there are no stupid questions here. You can ask the most basic to the most advanced, we all started at some point. General protocol is that hop additions added to the boil are given at times to when the boil completes, in other words how long they are in...