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    which Hops to use?

    Check out hoplist and read the hop profiles it gives a good description of each hop. U can come up with an idea and know what to expect
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    Change one letter. (5 letter)

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    DeepThought’s first ever AG brewday

    Good to see u survived just keep going and soon u won't worry
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    bottle conditioning question

    A lot if my beers go 3 weeks as with nearly every kit I did u can notice it slowly creeping down in the 3rd week
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    Over did it with bittering hops

    As the title says I have a keg that just too bitter I tried adding syrups to pint glass first but no good I tried a dash of water it's OK not too bitter but lacks flavour any little tips or tricks out there please
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    Coopers Cerveza

    Sounds good !
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    The Love Brewing Trick or Treat Giveaway!

    Fine panther please
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    What did you brew today?

    Your allowed to boil in the house I'd be shot water dripping from the walls and ceiling I can hear the screaming from here lol
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    Liquid Malt Extract

    Warm can in hot water malt will flow out easier add to a few liters of water bring to boil throw a few hops in for desired flavour throw in fv top up with cold water to desired level add yeast at correct temp 2 to 3 weeks bottle,keg
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    Infection and how to remove

    4 years of brewing strongest cleaner I've used is fairy liquid and bleach I've now given up on bleach
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    Infection and how to remove

    What visible signs of infection do u have a few pics and I'm sure someone here can pinpoint it for u
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    Infection and how to remove

    Just a thought but could it be a cleaner or other product that's not rinsed off properly Had a 4 brews I had to dump that had a harsh taste totally undrinkable With help from here I narrowed it down to not rinsing bleach Properly from my buckets I replicated 2 brews since from the bad ones...
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    Mmmm had a few pints of a citra brew last night woke up sneezing in middle of the night and blocked nose for an hour when I got up Could it be a new covid lol
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    Has anybody already started to have problems with CO2 supply or price hikes

    I pay 20 for a 2 kg why what are people paying