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    Passion fruit

    I have a brew in the fv since Saturday going to add some passion fruit this Saturday and leave for another week Anyone try this I added two bags of frozen fruit to a beer last month it was lovely I threw them in a pot and had a quick boil to sterilise Its my new dry hop without the hop lol
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    Hello everyone, new member here from Ireland.

    Hello from the deise You picked the best forum for yhis business endless knowledge here
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    How long does it take for a beer to carb up when bottle conditioning?

    What type of beer is it I definitely think neipa style carb up quicker like within a week
  4. labrewski

    Grainfather, Brewmonk, and other all in ones with built in pump etc

    Using the brew monk for 2 years now never used the the pump during the boil Never any problems
  5. labrewski

    Sterilise Crown Caps?

    It's really no harm to throw 40 odd caps in a bowl of starsan prior to bottling
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    MJ Single Hop Citra IPA

    I've done a lot of mj kits and in my opinion they take 3 weeks to finish 3rd week is slow but still keeps going Quality beer allways
  7. labrewski

    Chinook IPA....first taste

    Comet and columbus definitely worth a shot I've made some nice beer with them
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    What did you brew today?

    Triple for me mj juicy kit ,home brew company hopptimus prime kit and all grain with azacca,citra,mosaic Busy day one would say
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    Skipping dry hop

    Mm thanks it's not as easy as I think so Looks like I'll have to go on another direction
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    Skipping dry hop

    Hi all thinking of skipping the dry hop and opting to dumping them in the corny in a muslin bag Any problems here could it block the flow I'm thinking it will drag the beer through the hops for each pint and have a super fresh hoppy flavour
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    Bottling day done

    Sounds nice what amount of hops did u use I tried a similar brew with 50 g of each it was a nice beer
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    Kit malt

    Been wondering about malt u get with kits is it plain malt or pre hopped How is the flavour introduced Is it just the dry hop that makes the difference Any one know what the story is
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    2kg hop raffle #2

    I'm in best of luck everyone
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    CF185 hops

    Seems a smash is best way to go looks like a tasty hop.