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    Demand valve for beer engine

    You need a LPG reg as peebee stated. I have my check valve in the middle as this was convenient.
  2. LeeH

    Taps & Catalyst

    It also comes with the stout adapter.
  3. LeeH

    Taps & Catalyst

    Are you forgetful? 😆 I have a standard one if that helps? I’ll just swap it out with mine. I have a spring for it too that I don’t use.
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    Taps & Catalyst

    55 posted.
  5. LeeH

    Taps & Catalyst

    2 Perlicks sold! They are such a good quality tap!
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    Hop Filter

    40 posted
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    Taps & Catalyst

  8. LeeH

    Taps & Catalyst

    UPDATED: 8/2 INCLUDES SHIPPING 3 tap tower in a very good condition £40 Single tap tower with shank £20 posted Intertap flow control with long shank £40. This comes with a stout creamer and bottling adapter. Catalysts fermenter £65 Designed to go in a dishwasher!
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    Bargain Website

    33.38 for a sack of MO to your door. Not bad.
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    Wort pump

    Don’t do it, they clog up very easily add you need to add 5 quid on a transformer. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/760066872.html
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    One Percent

    1% on top of already agreed pay rise, job security and a better pension than most. They all know the earning potential when they enter the industry and I doubt most do it for the money. Sorry, I will not be jumping on this bandwagon.
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    Inkbird 308 with a wonky readout

    I would just ask them to exchange it.
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    Does anyone use...

    I've got a 50L BM plus, no regrets selling up a 3V system to purchase.
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    Whats your mobile number?

    Whats your mobile number?
  15. LeeH

    1/2 hop filter 1m long.

    20 quid?