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    Is this going to be the end of the orange man?

    It's still Trump.
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    Is this going to be the end of the orange man?

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he's going to choke on a piece of overcooked steak, or that his wife is finally going to snap and beat him to death. Sadly I think it's more likely that he'll lose this election more narrowly than the polls suggest and do everything possible to cling on to...
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    Wasp stings

    I got stung on the leg about a month ago while I was out on my bike - never been stung before, it hurt like a bastard and it's still not fully healed!
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    Black Rock Oatmeal Stout

    The Sparkling Ale recipe was the best kit beer I made by a long way.
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    Black Rock Oatmeal Stout
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    How long have you successfully stored liquid yeast for?

    Just swilled the dregs of the beer after bottling to loosen up the yeast stuck to the bottom of the FV and poured it straight into a sanitised jar. Over a few days the yeast compacts and a layer of beer protects it. When it comes to repitching just pour off the beer and pitch as much as you...
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    Black Rock Oatmeal Stout

    You're very limited with the kits that are available. Try Coopers Stout though, it's bombproof, probably the most reliably good stout kit on the market. You can monkey about with it to make a good imperial stout too.
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    Greg Hughes Belgian golden strong ale

    The The flavour profile of Sladek and Tettnang seems quite different (I've used Tettnang but not Sladek) and with it being 50-odd grams at the last 15 minutes of the boil you're going to get a distinctly different tasting beer to the style, which pretty much uses noble hops. That said, it's...
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    Brewmaster ben

    I watched a handful of his videos about 5 years ago, about the same time I got started. He and Craigtube were the most engaging Youtubers in my opinion, no nonsense, just seemed to enjoy what they were doing and it definitely made me realise I could do this too.
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    Bakers yeast alcohol tolerance

    I love it when this argument comes up again and again and again....
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    Acting blunders

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    How long have you successfully stored liquid yeast for?

    I had a big jar of harvested slurry in the fridge for about 7-8 months. I had a mishap on brewday and lost the only yeast sachet I had in the house at pitching time, and had no option other than to pitch the slurry with no starter. It was bubbling away happily within about 8 hours and the beer...
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    So do I ferment in the fridge this week or not?

    Get a t-shirt over the FV with the bottom in the water, and point a fan at it. The shirt will wick the water up and as it evaporates it'll keep it cool. Should be fine...
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    Black Rock Oatmeal Stout

    If you're expecting anything like a nitro-poured stout in a pub, or even a hand-pulled stout from a bottle you're going to be sorely disappointed. It's pretty much impossible to get that smoothness from bottle conditioned beer, at least in my experience.
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    What is that smell?

    The smell will probably go away, you do tend to get some odd aromas during fermentation. No need to make a starter from dry S04 for a beer of this size though, just adds another potential source of infection. Also, most advice is not to make a starter from dried yeast at all.