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    LAB Open 2020

    HI All, sorry if this is duplicated, LAB Open 2020 opened today, I have entered two beers my first ever comp :) https://competitions.londonamateurbrewers.co.uk/labopen/
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    Craft beer ? What do you think Of this talk ?

    Very hard to present in another language, I'm sure its better in French.
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    What's your Christmas brew?

    that sounds interesting! Happy to share?
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    Forced carbonation - is there a trick to this?

    no issues here, I have been buying there for a while, well set up with a proper sales office always got the gas I need in stock. I would say don't park on the street, go into the yard and double park in front of the sales office which is on the left as you go in.
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    What's your Christmas brew?

    Hi All, I'm wondering what people have planned for a Christmas tipple? I went for Witbier this year; the thinking was that orange and coriander would add a festive edge. I'm keeping the spice in the background though. I'm sure there are some amazing Christmas pud Stouts being brewed out there??
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    Robobrew and Grainfather false bottom

    I find a site glass really help, you can see if the liquid is rising or falling in the bottom on the unit and thus you know if you should slow down or speed up recirculation.
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    Scottish Craftbrewers

    thanks, Jon, I hadn't thought of doing some commercial side by sides; I'm always up for a beersperiment :)
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    Forced carbonation - is there a trick to this?

    yup a local example to me https://www.pyramidsteel.co.uk/adams-gas
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    Scottish Craftbrewers

    Hi All, I have two beers ready: Bavarian Lager Helles 4C Svelte Pivo Czech Premium Pale Lager 3b I was thinking about entering Scottish Craft brewers Comp, but they only have a 2A International Pale Lager class that I'm close to. Any thoughts on which would be a better match, I was...
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    Stepping Fermentation temperatures in FV

    I think the variety of answer and approach to this show that it's really a matter of preference. If you want the impact of the yeast to be minimal ferment at the bottom end, mid to high if you want more impact. @PhilBrew list is a great starting point. Do experiment though, I will give you an...
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    Forced carbonation - is there a trick to this?

    this helped things along for me, also consider turbulence in the lines and taps, this can knock the carbonation on the pour.
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    iSpindel - digital WiFi hydrometer

    It might be overkill but have you looked at Craftbeer Pi?
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    BrewCon London Club Night

    The club night was one of the highlights! Met a few guys from the Reading club and tried a few of their beer (which were great). Also a cracking chocolate-vanilla porter from the east midlands club!!
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    Brew devil set up & test

    I use bags quiet a lot at the moment, I also like to pump the wort through them during the colling process and that help take a lot of the larger lumps out of the wort. Becuase of this I don't use either pump filer or hop spider anymore.
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    Small batch brewing with 30L all in 1 systems?

    I did a 6L batch in a 50L you can see the video here