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    Car insurance offer to low? Anyone had experience in this

    Once a car is 16 years old the mileage and the number of owners dosen't really matter and you wouldn't get any more if you traded it in.
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    Cooker hood filters...

    Try Deepio powder in hot water.
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    Steve, Did you manage to master pulling an espresso?
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    Odd side effects of certain beers. (besides the obvious)

    After drinking guinness the next morning I **** tarmac.
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    Electric Coffee machines (under £100)

    Looks identical, just a rebadge.
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    Electric Coffee machines (under £100)

    this looks like it might be worth a punt and you can use any coffee you like. https://www.johnlewis.com/john-lewis-partners-pump-espresso-coffee-machine-stainless-steel/p4839988
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    Inkbird ITC 308 Wifi Connection

    try using AP mode that's what I had to do.
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    Christmas day food pics☃️

    Night and day tastier and more tender, topside/silverside I don't class as roasting joints, I only roast sirloin or rib of beef, don't over cook it use a themometer to get how you like mine came out of the oven at 60c and rested for 30 min. Best, London
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    Christmas day food pics☃️

    Gravy went on after the pic was taken, can't have a roast dinner without, but once I put gravy on you struggle to see what on the plate, as I smother it.
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    Christmas day food pics☃️

    The Yorkshire Pudding is full of pigs in blankets.
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    Christmas day food pics☃️

    Roast sirloin for me.
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    Favourite TV comedies - 70/80’s

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    Tyson Fury Says He'll Knock Anthony Joshua Out In Just Three Rounds

    Fury will tear him a new one.
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    Overnight brewing

    Last brew I did was overnight, mash and sparge 1st day and boil next day no problems.