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    Platform scales

    Yep! To be honest I'm fine with them but Harry has almost lost a finger a few times 😂
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    2 x Inkbird IPB-16s

    I've got two of these kicking around.... Inkbird 15A IPB-16S Pre-wired Digital Home Brewing and Distilling Controller I actually forgot I ordered them as they take so long to arrive from China! I think they cost £90 each but I got stung for import duties and a ridiculous handling fee from Royal...
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    2 x 55L Fermzilla

    Hi Simon, I can meet you at the Reigate junction on Saturday evening or Sunday. I'm not around any sooner. Thanks Mark
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    2 x 55L Fermzilla

    Hi Carl, They were £280 so they are £110 each or both for £200. Thanks Mark
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    2 x 55L Fermzilla

    Hi Carl, Yes they are 👍 Thanks Mark
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    2 x 55L Fermzilla

    I bought 2 x 55L fermzilla's from geterbrewed and have ended up going a different route. They are unopened and brand new in the box. I paid £140 each plus a good postage charge but will sell for £110 if anyone can collect from Sutton or Richmond in Surrey. I don't want to post them. Here's...
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    Goodbye EU - 2 nights in Brussels

    All of the above! La Source and Brasserie de l'Ermitage are worth a visit too 👍
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    30 Litre Kettle, Corny Keg & 40l firkin for sale

    I can also collect the Corny keg if the others don't. I am in Sutton and can come down Saturday morning athumb..
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    Strange-steve's Homebrew Reviews

    Thanks for the review Steve. I had a nightmare the day I brewed this and everything that could of gone wrong did but somehow, it turned out relatively ok athumb.. This beer is intended to be my perfect Tripel so not completely traditional. I only used cascade hops in this but next time I'm...
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    The Mad Russian - Imperial Stout

    It was still really good :thumba:
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    Beginners Guide to Water Treatment (plus links to more advanced water treatment in post #1)

    Finally getting my head around this water stuff thanks to Steve's guides. Really appreciate the time you have taken to write these threads up.........and the replies to my PMs!
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    Build yourself a cheap digital boiler power regulator

    I want to use this on a 2.4kw element so that is good to know. Thanks again for taking the time to post this info up.
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    Build yourself a cheap digital boiler power regulator

    Thanks for posting this up. Just what I needed and I'll be giving this ago in the next couple of weeks athumb..
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    The Mad Russian - Imperial Stout

    Looking good Steve!!
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    Hello from Surrey!

    Thanks guys. I am from Sutton in Surrey.