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  1. Martin-68

    mini kegs

    Azzda i bought one of the 5ltr mini kegs about a year ago , the keg was fine the gas valve was an absolute waste of money ,i paid around £80 from amazon ,i could not get it to seal ,contacted the seller without any success so i have still not ran any brew through . i bought a corny 19ltr...
  2. Martin-68

    Co2 cost ££

    I just did a quick search and this is what I found Currently, the FDA's requirement for food-grade CO2 a 99.90% purity rating. ... Industrial grade CO2 is 99% pure
  3. Martin-68

    Co2 cost ££

    I was totally open with the sales guy what I was using it for and this is what they recommended Pure c02 , There are too many options with their mixed gases for me to understand due to Covid I had to set the account up over email so may pay you to call them
  4. Martin-68

    Co2 cost ££

    I opened an account with Energas this week , collected my first gas bottle yesterday They call it a mini but looks like a standard pub c02 size bottle so I guess 6.35 kg £ 2.50 a month rental & approx £10.50 refill The cheapest deal I could find in South Derbyshire so hopefully my first...
  5. Martin-68

    Marston's and Carlsberg UK forming a Joint Venture

    I was definitely a Pedigree man ,although cask ale pubs are becoming harder to find
  6. Martin-68

    Inkbird itc-308

    Can’t go wrong with the Inkbird mine has been set at 21 degrees +- 1 degree never failed me yet
  7. Martin-68

    Marston's and Carlsberg UK forming a Joint Venture

    I’m from Burton on Trent so a shame to see Marstons selling out to Carlsberg , massive amount of heritage & history hopefully that won’t be lost after the merge
  8. Martin-68

    Do you dry bottles before filling?

    No ,no drying here I throw all bottles through the dishwasher , submerge in no rinse sanitiser for 5 mins ,empty & fill with beer
  9. Martin-68

    New to Kegging standard beer kits

    Like most other i guess, i have been forced into lock-down which means more online shopping the excess of time has made me buy more Home-brew equipment ,i am a total beginner to kegging ,but growing tired of bottling so i have purchased a 1 keg system & placed in my beer fridge with a view to...
  10. Martin-68

    Wilko Cerveza taste

    Post update Left a couple of weeks longer the taste has much improved, Forgot to mention I did add White Labs Clarity Ferm to the fv to knock the gluten out of it ,this may have had a effect Great drink now, so cheersacheers.
  11. Martin-68

    Wilko Cerveza taste

    Thanks guys I think it is unfermented sugar as you say , The beer is on par with a Mexican style beer for carbonation keeps a good head and continues flow of bubbles rising I have done this kit before but carbonated with carb drops from Wilko the taste was good but far too gassy That why I...
  12. Martin-68

    Wilko Cerveza taste

    Original gravity 1.040 Final gravity 1.008 Will the sweetness reduce if left longer to condition , I’m pretty sure fermentation was complete the brew stabilised at 1.008
  13. Martin-68

    Wilko Cerveza taste

    Hi I brewed a Wilko Cerveza it fermented ok , and has conditioned for about 3 week ,when I bottled I added about 120 grams of sugar mixed into my bottling bucket prior to bottling The brew is really weak in taste , tastes quite sweet more like a shandy and has a good head on it The abv is...
  14. Martin-68

    First time Kegger

    I’m new to home brew having completed a couple of brews with an element of success bottling wanted to dabble in kegging with a mini keg I have bought a 5l mini keg growler type with a Co2 tap I have a AIPA about Finished fermentation and plan to keg 5l and bottle the rest Do I still use...