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    My Keezer Build.

    Looks good, looking forward to seeing your epoxy resin bottle top lid, I've considered using epoxy once or twice myself but not tried due to cost and the likely hood that I would mess it up somehow
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    How many litres of home brew 2020.

    I have not updated this in a while here goes: Saaz Pilsner 23l Amarollo and citra pale 23l English pale ale 23l Landlord clone 23l Mainline bitter 23l And being bottled today a Czech Pilsner 23l Total 31754
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    Mainline bitter - a traditional dark English Bitter

    Brewed a copy of this recipe a couple of months ago and tried a few over the weekend, really great traditional bitter. Thanks for sharing the recipe 🙂
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    What are you drinking tonight 2020.

    Really enjoyed this raspberry saison from my local brewery included as part of a 12 beers of Xmas box. Fairly tart and well balanced not tried many saisons and don't really know the style but I will try more of for sure
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    Which movie(s) have you watched recently?

    Watched a Spanish film called "the platform" on Netflix was a bit unusual its based around a vertical prison made up of platforms, 2 people per platform and a limited amount of food works its way down the platforms each day as the inmates try and survive. Its gets a it dark in places I enjoyed...
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    Which movie(s) have you watched recently?

    Watched about time on Netflix its about a family where all the men can travel back in time but only to places they have been themselves. Its basically about family and love a decent watch funny and moving in places
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    The 'Recommend me a TV series' thread

    Just finished cobra kai on Netflix, it's a follow up to the Karate kid films.. Takes me back to me teens watching 80s karate films, I enjoyed it its equally entertaining and ridiculous at the same time
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    mixed feelings about bottling

    I managed to speed up my bottling slightly using a method I think I read about on here. Fill first bottle using bottle filler, quickly switch to an empty bottle when 1st full, then use bench Capper one handed to cap first bottle whilst 2nd is filling and repeat 40 times.... I also keep a pint...
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    Favourite ‘convenient’ Meal

    Seabrook crisp sarnie for me
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    Force carbonating with 16g co2 bulbs?

    Why does carbing with sugar in a keg create extra sediment?
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    How many litres of home brew 2020.

    23L of mosaic, idaho 7 and equinox pale ale. Total 9283
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    Please test my Simple Water Calculator

    Great I find it a pain trying to work out the additions from CRS, interesting didn't know there was difference in approach between American and British methods. I'm starting to document what I try now so I can find what I like for myself I'd like to be able to achieve a nice soft mouthfeel which...
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    Please test my Simple Water Calculator

    Hi Steve I used your calculator for the adjustments for my upcoming brew. Found it easy to to use and really liked the layout and the simplicity of being able to to input my target profile and having the calcs done for me. Couple of questions is the addition of sulphate/chloride from any CRS...
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    What did you brew today?

    First attempt at a Helles larger. Had planned on using hallertauer mittelfrueh hops but couldn't get any delivered in time for my brew day, ended up using citra and azacca. 4.5kg pilsner 200g carapils 120g wheat 25g citra 10g azacca Now for the hard part waiting to try it
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    How many litres of home brew 2020.

    23L of brewdog kingpin clone. Total 4733