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    Wort recirculation Vs not

    What’s the link to subscribe please?
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    Newby pressure barrel questions

    Personally I don’t like them for that very reason! I can consistency with bottle, although you’ve got more to store than just a keg.
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    Free online brewing textbook - Mosher

    When I went on this, it wanted to access my friends, profile etc! Not going near that.
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    Bottle labels

    Thanks for the ideas, interestingly I’ve not heard of using WD40 before! Cheers everyone 🍻🍻
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    Bottle labels

    Hi, like many of you I like to recycle bottles donated from friends, but despite soaking for a week some labels aren’t even softened! ideas please on how to remove them would be appreciated, thanks.
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    Black Rock Oatmeal Stout

    Worth knowing thanks. I’ve got a couple on the go, but will be looking to try some later, cheers 🍺🍺
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    Black Rock Oatmeal Stout

    Thanks for the info, an interesting site with all the recipes to try.
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    Black Rock Oatmeal Stout

    I’m rather fond of the Imperial Stout & would be interested in how you converted it please?
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    Priming Sugar- which to use?

    Hi, brewing sugar is a good one, but add it to the mix first mixing well obviously, then just bottle. It takes the stress out of Sugar going everywhere etc.
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    Priming and Carbonation

    Thanks for the answers, I’ll think I’ll err on the side of caution & put sugar in till I become more confidence. Cheers
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    Priming and Carbonation

    Hi, Just joined & looking for a comment from Graham’s book that talks about bottling, but not using priming sugar, which I’ve done with kits. Do I take it that after leaving the brew to mature before bottling there is still enough activation in the liquor to prime to bottles itself?